Monday, August 20, 2018

Cold Snap Naps

WAFFLES:  So Boss, just how many naps should we take today?

KATIE: As many as it takes, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  But how many is that?

KATIE:  A lot.

WAFFLES:  Like a big lot or a small lot? 

KATIE:  Like a venti lot. 


KATIE:  You know,  like Starbucks. Tall, grande, venti...

WAFFLES:  Duh, Boss. Starbucks is just going to keep you awake.

An Early Taste of Fall
After a warmer than usual July, August in the mountains is like a breath of fresh, albeit chilly today, air. Would you believe we woke up to 49 degrees Sunday morning? Glogirly even had to dig out her wool slippers. But the sun was shining and the hummingbirds were humming as it warmed up to the mid-60s. A sun shower here, some puffy clouds was a recipe for some beautiful afternoon naps.

Ok, so for Katie and Waffles, everyday is a nap recipe. But today was extra special.


  1. I heard from my human's boyfriend (who was in the middle of the country this weekend, and had a stopover in Denver) that it had cooled down quite a bit over there! It is even beginning to feel a bit like fall here, or at least the California version of fall. ;-)

  2. We are looking forward to more spring weather here. It is cold and wet and we are over winter!!

  3. It’s still hot here but we’re gett our naps in.

  4. The extreme heat is gone and with it the humidity(at least for now) :)
    Today feels fresh and wonderful, but might get warm this afternoon.
    Enjoy your naps as they can be refreshing too ;) MOL!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. Before you know it, you guys are gonna see snow! Yikes!

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  7. There has been venti napping here is Southwest Colorado, both by felines and humans.

  8. I napped on Saturday afternoon, which is becoming a habit of late! As much as I want to enjoy every second of Summer, sometimes the eyelids are too heavy...

  9. Sounds like perfect weather to me. We are in the 70's this week.
    Sue B

  10. Mum can't wait for fall weather to snuggle up and nap.

  11. We're looking forward to some fresh air too. It's going to drop from 30 C to 18 C since Tuesday. Purrs

  12. Or is it Thursday ? Yes, Thursday, not Tuesday ! Purrs

  13. Waffles (and Katie, if she's so inclined, but I doubt she will be) is more than welcome to come cuddle up with me anytime he wants. We can keep each other warm when it's cold outside. ;D


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