Monday, October 3, 2016

Love Wins - Snickers Finds a Forever Home

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, Glogirly said that Snickers found a new forever home. I know she's been cutting back on cookies and stuff, but I didn't know she was trying to find a forever home for her candy bar.

KATIE:  Waffles, Snickers is a cat. Not a candy bar.

WAFFLES:  That's not what the TV says, Boss. Or Glogirly's treat jar.

KATIE:  We shared Snickers and his story on our blog and Facebook page just a few weeks ago, Waffles. Our friend Lori needed to find him just the right home so we helped spread the word about him. Lori had everyone who contacted her fill out an adoption application form so she could learn more about them and make sure they would be a good fit for Snickers. (See Snickers' story here.)

WAFFLES:  You mean like small, medium, large? How did she know what size Snickers needed?

KATIE: It's not about size, Waffles.

KATIE:  It's about finding someone who will love and care for Snickers with all their heart. Someone who will make sure he has a nice soft bed and who'll dangle his wand toys and throw his crinkle balls. It's about finding the right home environment where he'll be happy and safe. Just like you and I are happy, safe and–

WAFFLES:  Loved?

KATIE:  Loved. 

A Special Thank You to our Friends & Readers 
Thank you so much for sharing Snickers story and keeping him in your thoughts these past few weeks. We were tickled to hear that a wonderful family had come forward wanting to adopt him. They live in Minnesota not far from where Snickers was already living. Just a few years ago they lost their cat to leukemia and just recently decided it was the right time to add a new furry member to their family. They have two young boys who are over the moon and have become fast friends with Snickers.

It was bittersweet for our friend Lori. Those of you who foster or work in rescue have probably experienced the same. She loved him with all her heart and it was a teary goodbye. It's that love though that gave her the strength to do what's best for Snickers. Knowing he's with such a wonderful family makes her tender heart smile.

Love wins.

Snickers XOXO


  1. Such GREAT news! I'm so happy for Snickers!!

  2. Awww another great story of love and sacrifice. And new love. Great job Waffles and Katie!

  3. Pawsome new's Every pet deserves a loving forever home,xx Speedy

  4. That's so pawesome!! *Sniffle*

  5. That's so pawesome!! *Sniffle*

  6. I was very happy to hear that Snickers found a forever home. I gave it half a thought but wasn't looking to have five cats. And we all know how that played out don't we?

  7. Oh I'm so so happy for Snickers!!!! I checked on him just last week. I'm thrilled for him but I'm sad for Lori too at the same time. Yes she must have been heartbroken saying goodbye. At the same time she made sure Snickers went to a good home and it sounds like he is. He will continue to be loved just as much as Lori loves him. All the best to Snickers, his new family and Lori ❤

  8. We're sooooo thrilled!!!! We wish Snickers all the best and that Lori finds comfort. There are more kitties to help!

  9. Your photography stuns me every time :) Yay for Snickers!

  10. We are so happy for Snickers. It must be difficult for Lori, but knowing that Snickers is going to have all the love and care he deserves will hopefully help offset some of the heartache of letting him go to his new home.

  11. we are so happy for says she teared up too and certainly understands what Miss Lori is experiencing....but we hope that knowing he will be loved and cherished will help her heal

  12. It sounds like Snickers is going to get a great home and we are thrilled for him!

  13. Yay, that's pawsome for Snickers ! Purrs

  14. That's great news for Snickers! Yay!

  15. What wonderful news. We're so happy for Snickers (and her new forever family)! :)

  16. That's wonderful! I'm glad Snickers has a great home where he'll be loved muchly, have his choice of comfy places to sleep, feeding hands to order around at dark o'clock in the morning, and, most importantly, no Big Scary Dog to make him all a-feared and require that he be kept confined. That's never any fun. Being able to run rumpus in the middle of the night to keep hooman slaves awake, that's fun! *G*

  17. I'm so glad that Snickers found a home! Such a beautiful story. It sounds like Snickers is just the right guy to heal the hearts of this family. :)
    -Purrs from your friends at

  18. YYYYA

    * jumps around like a crazy thing *


    * wipes away tears *

    OK. This is great to hear and so encouraging he is not far away and will be happy.

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew


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