Monday, October 17, 2016

High on Sunshine

 *John Denver ear worm alert*
WAFFLES:  Sunshine, on my cat tree, makes me happy.   ♫♩

WAFFLES:  Sunshine, in my eyes, can make me wild.  ♫♩

KATIE:  Sunshine, on my fur, looks so lovely.   ♫♩

WAFFLES:  Sunshine almost always makes me high!   ♫♩

KATIE:  Waffles, if sunshine makes you so high, what are you doing down here? 

Tree Dwellers & Ground Dwellers
Athough some cats gravitate to the highest spot in the room one minute and hunker down low to the ground the next, most show a definite preference for one or the other. With the occasional leap onto the kitchen counter exception, Katie is a much more of a ground dweller. As far as Waffles is concerned, the higher the better. As luck would have it, their opposite preferences help to make life in the Townhouse more harmonious. 

Especially at breakfast and dinner. Waffles eats his meals high atop one of the cat trees, while Katie enjoys private dining in the powder room. This keeps Waffles the speed eater from horning in on Katie's dish and it also keeps Katie away from Waffles' food... what's left of it. 

Waffles and Katie are both avid window watchers. Birds, neighbors, leaves and squirrels... it's even better than satellite TV. Waffles likes the view from way up high and Katie likes it from down low. 

There are exceptions though. That's what keeps things interesting!

Where do your kitties like to dwell? 


  1. Sherpa is always looking up. Snowy has discovered up. Harry would like to be up but since he hurt his paw he only goes up when he's out. Stinky and Pumpkin are too old to go up so they stay down. Thank heavens there are options in the yurt

  2. The weird thing is that none of us totally conform to the high/low dwelling thing, except maybe Boodie, who doesn't jump on stuff higher than the dining room table. Binga and I are all over the place!

  3. We all like to get up high - but sometimes we'll hang out down low too.

  4. Vashti likes to get high. It keeps her away from Jonah, who stays low with his short legs.

  5. STUNNING pictures! Bear WAS a climber before the dog moved in upstairs ... now he's a ground dweller :p

  6. Pixie is or top high, or the most "under" possible : we have workers at home today, and she's under the duvet under the bed cover. Zorro is half-half. Purrs

  7. Daiquiri is definitely our high wire act. She kept from the cat ladder to the top of the tower the other day and almost gave mom a heart attack.

  8. I like to be high up. Ernie will go wherever I am. Figures. ~Wally

  9. I like to be up high sometimes, but other times I prefer my window perch, which is rather low. It just depends on my mood for the day.

  10. Three of the four love any window, and are upset right now because I have not moved the furniture back after having my windows replaced last week. My oldest/littlest cat has crippled front paws and can't get up to most of the windows unless there is a "staircase" of boxes and tables to help her get up in smaller leaps. All four of them love to be as high as possible and fight over the top box in the pile.

  11. Mom is not going to be happy if she sings that song all day
    Lily & Edward

  12. Funny, I was doing some work with a literacy student and we were looking up stuff online. John Denver's music came up on YouTube, not sure why but he was a nice guy. Some cool tunes and ear worms!

    Ours are middle-earth dwellers - they all prefer half way up the house in window beds, on the beds, nothing too high and just a bit of ground level dwelling (like Hobbits).

    Silver and Marjorie

  13. I like high and low. I like to snoopervise from the top of the cat tree, but I also like to nap on my ham-mick.

  14. Parker likes high places. Sometimes she needs some help getting down -- often she'll jump down to my shoulders.

  15. Mudpie is all about heights...the first cat I've had that isn't a ground dweller!

  16. I love all of the pictures today, but especially the last one!
    We never know where we'll find Rufus (must be an orange cat thing) but Mickey is more often down low -unless he needs a fast get away. Then the wall hammock or top of the cat tree works best!


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