Friday, December 12, 2014

Making our List and Checking it Twice

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss! Do you know what you're getting me for Christmas?

KATIE:  Oh I've got a pretty good idea, Waffles.


KATIE:  Almost, Waffles. Just swap out the O for an A.

WAFFLES:  Boss! There's no A in COOL!

KATIE:  Waffles, we don't have time for a spelling bee. We've got a LIST to attend to. Remember?

WAFFLES:  Oh yeah! Today's the first day of the Santa Kitty Toy Hop! I'm holding up the sign just like you told me to, Boss.

Santa Kitty Toy Hop Starts Today!
Cat bloggers from around the world are coming together over the next week to make the holidays a little brighter for shelter cats. Waffles and I are very lucky cats. We've got all the toys and treats and kitty loungers we could ever want. More important, we have a wonderful forever home and a family that loves us. But there are so very many cats in shelters, waiting patiently for just a little bit of what we have. It's those cats we want to help.

Bloggers participating in the Santa Kitty Toy Hop will be donating some wonderful presents to a cat shelter in their community. They'll be taking photos as they drop off all the great stuff and wish the kitties a Merry Christmas. There's bound to be lots of feathers, catnip and smiles. Each blogger will be sharing that special visit on their blog so you can celebrate with them. It's a way of helping out some of the smaller shelters that are often forgotten and inspiring our friends and readers to do the same. 

Our friend Summer, at, is hosting a blog hop where all participating bloggers will be posting links to their Santa Kitty Toy Hop blog posts. 

Giving Does the Heart Good 
And as cat bloggers, we're very fortunate to receive a lot of cool stuff over the course of a year. We can't think of a better way to put it to good use than to share it with our shelter cat friends.

We'll be delivering our gifts to Feline Rescue in St. Paul, Minnesota and sharing the fun with you next week.

Next Up on our Christmas List –
We're hard at work getting ready for Christmas here at the Townhouse. We've got a very special Christmas card we've made this year and we've got LOTS of envelopes to address. We're participating in a holiday card exchange with other cat bloggers all over the world and the cards are already pouring in. 

Here's the official card count as of December 11, 2014:
Glogirly & Gloman - 1  (from the dry cleaner)
Katie & Waffles - 20 

Would YOU like to receive a card from Katie & Waffles?
Just send us an email at with "I Want Katie & Waffles for Christmas" in the subject line. Please include your name and snail mail address and we'll make sure you get on Santa Glogirly's list. 


URGENT: Only 4 days left to vote for Rasta Kitty Cocktail!
Voting is just about done in the latest mike's HARDER design contest.  We are embarrassingly behind... probably because we've been sipping a little too much Mad Kitty Cocktail!  We'd be ever so grateful if you could help spread the word and drum up a few more votes for our can design!

1.   Just click the voting link below and login either with Facebook or your email. The site you're going to is called ZOOPPA.
2.  Once you're logged in, click the back button twice to return to our Rasta Kitty Cocktail page. (if you've been to the site before, it will probably remember you and you won't have to go back.)
3.  There's a voting "slider" on the right hand side of the Rasta Kitty Cocktail page. Slide it ALL the way over to cast 5 votes. That's the maximum number of votes. You can only do this once.
4.  Then just click the VOTE button. That's it!


LAST DAY: Lilly Brush Giveaway!
Enter to win! Two lucky readers will  a Forever Furless Lilly Brush AND a Save Our Sweaters brush! We're doubling the prize so you can choose a shelter to win too! 

Holistic Select Giveaway!
Enter to win! One lucky ready will win $50 worth of Holistic Select's new canned cat food recipes. We've got a great review of this new favorite of ours too.  


  1. The linkup will be going live just a few minutes after midnight, Pacific Time 12/12 - my human is editing photos as I type!

    BTW, great news! Mad Kitty Cocktail is finally available here! My human picked up a couple of cans on her way to CVS tonight. No, she did not drink them in the parking lot before she went shopping. At least I don't think she did.

  2. The Farm cats could not drop their surprise off in person so it was sent by the Big Brown Truck but they told what they sent. I think Animeals will be happy. I wish the shelter was closer or I could drive but I'm sure they will be happy to have it no matter how it gets there.

  3. What a cool event! We hope it will be an annual event too. Mommy hasn't gotten her cards out yet ..... She's sooooooo bad!!!!!!!

  4. we can't wait to hear about your toy hop. as for cards, we have gottens LOTS and mom hasn't gotten a single card. MOL

  5. What a wonderful idea.

    Waffles, I do hope katie doesn't give you coal.

  6. I would love to have one of your cards. Mum has emailed for me.
    We have been putting together a package of food and some lightly used toys for our small local rescue.

  7. Such a wonderful event!!! And of course, I would LOVE a card from my fav kitties!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. We're pawticipating in the Toy Hop too! It's so much fun to help the shelter animals.

    Oh and our card count...humans - 1 (from the financial advisor) - 18...and that doesn't include all the e-cards we got, too! Heheheh.

  9. It's great you're participating in the shelter Christmas.

    We can only send ecards but a piece of our heart goes with them. And probably a few loose pieces of Rusty's fur.

  10. I am sure the Shelter Kitties will LOVE everything that you bring them!

  11. What a wonderful week some shelter kitties will be having!!! Every kitty should get a new toy (and hopefully a new home) for Christmas!

  12. Weez fink this is just pawsum. We wish there wuz no shelters to hav this need, and dat all kitties had pawsum furever homes, but in da meantime, this will make a lot of kitties happy.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  13. Yay ! We're glad to be part of Santa Kitty Blog Hop ! Of course we would love to receive your card ; by us, it's a snail mail contest : Mum - 1 card, kitties - 10 cards. We're generous, we don't count e-mails ! Purrs

  14. You least the shelter kitties won't get coal!

  15. Whoa! My Santa Kitty got posted today. The last of my cards got posted today. All I need to do is (w)rap my Secret Paws’ packages and post it on Monday. I hope there’s a card in there with my name on it.

  16. Gotta admit that Waffles character looks awfully cute
    Lily & Edward

  17. Waffles I am sure you've been a good kitty this year and will get lots of goodies.
    Sue B

  18. Still waiting for the Mad Kitty cans here :( Hope your can wins again this year! Mom is taking wet food to the shelter this year, that is what they need most.

  19. Faraday: Cool, Coal, what's one teensy letter between friends, right Waff?


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