Monday, December 9, 2013

What Makes the #CuriousCat Tick?

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KATIE:  People are SO curious about what makes us cats tick. But we keep our secrets closely guarded, like a precious wand toy or the most delectable of treats. Even Glogirly, as hard as she tries, still hasn't completely cracked the cat code.

Recently the people at Royal Canin uncovered a few of our secrets. They released results of a national survey of cat owners, dispelling myths and shedding light on the oh-so-elusive relationship between cats and their people. They've asked me and Waffles to help share the findings.

I realize you probably think I know everything about, well, everything. But I must admit, some of their discoveries... hold onto your fur... surprised even ME! 

WAFFLES:  I'm ready, Boss! Do I get to go yet?

KATIE:  Waffles, do you have to go?  I told you to go before we started.

WAFFLES:  No Boss. I mean is it my turn to go?

KATIE:  Not yet, Waffles. Wait for your cue.  Now it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that some of the most interesting secrets revealed involve FOOD. I sure hope you're sitting down for this first one though. 

KATIE:  Did you know that 15% of cat owners TRY their cat's food??? They actually TASTE it!!! I KNEW something smelled off at breakfast this morning. Waffles! Go smell Glogirly's breath.

WAFFLES:  Yup, smells funny.

KATIE:  Not ME, Waffles, GLOGIRLY!  You know, the tall one that feeds us every morning. 

And 42% of cat owners would change their food if their vet recommended it. 

WAFFLES:  You mean like when you had to go on a diet because you were...what did the vet call you again? O-beast? 

KATIE:  For the record, I was just fluffy. But yes, I did trim down to my former girlish figure and nutrition played a big role in my weight loss, as did chasing you around the Townhouse.

The study also dispelled a number of common myths. For one, the majority of cat owners consider us to be low maintenance. 

WAFFLES:  Wow, Boss. You? Low maintenance?

KATIE:  For some reason they think we sleep all day. We might spend a nominal 16 hours/day resting, but we also maintain a rigid schedule of important tasks like hunting, hiding and marking our territory. Cod knows, I'm constantly trying to get rid of the smell of Waffles around here. 

WAFFLES:  You mean like breakfast? 

KATIE:  *rolls eyes*

WAFFLES: But what about playing? Do they know we like to play? I mean a LOT? 

KATIE:  What many don't realize is that playing for us is actually hunting. 

WAFFLES:  Cool! I'm an excellent hunter. I'll hunt ANYTHING. 

KATIE:  And anyONE

Another impressive talent we have that many cat owners might be surprised to hear, is how vast our vocabulary is. Cats can make up to 100 sounds. Dogs are rookies at a mere 10.

WAFFLES:  I can make 100 sounds???

KATIE:  Frankly I think you make ONE sound about 100 times an hour. 

WAFFLES:  Does opening the food cabinet count as one of my sounds? 

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  1. Will there be a test? We told Mommy she has to study.

  2. Hmmm...we go raw. Come on over and I'll share my bison with you.

  3. We LOVE Royal Canin! We eat the Aromatic blend.

    Thanks for the coupon and have a great Monday! >>smooches<<

  4. I think we must be in the minority - we feed the seniors senior food and the adults 'adult' food (except for a certain Natasha who is NOT meant to eat Greenies until she is one year old - so the Greenies folk on Twitter said).

    Oh and its 50/50 Royal Canin and Hills. RC don't do the 12+ ageing pockets (like eating treats all day everyday thinks Peanut (17)

  5. Some humans EAT our kitty food!? Well, thank COD mine does not do that... well, sometimes I will share my KFC with her, but that is as far as it goes.

    Sorry, but I read the rest of your post through a blur... I'm still reeling about the humans tasting OUR food! Not to mention the low maintenence part... sheesh.

  6. We haven't seen mommy eat our food yet ... unless she tries to hide!

  7. Very interesting post, Glogang! Tommie talks a lot but my ears aren't sensitive enough to hear that many different variations. But we do think he employs the Vulcan Mind Meld when he wants treats.

    Loved your comment about the cat who was adopted after 8 years in the shelter.

  8. Very interesting! But we wish the humans would stop trying to figure us cats out. We are what we are!

    pee ess...the mom says she's never tried our foods, but the dad-guy has!

  9. My new sisfur, Rachel, has SOOOO many voices/vocalizations! But yes, it's good that you brought this to everyone's attention, Katie. Hoomans need to know we speak in many voices ...

    PS - When you figure out how to get Waffles' scent out of there, let me know how you do it. I got "kitten funk" here to get rid of .... MOL


  10. wow, very interesting post!
    Great facts!
    I definitely did not have a clue that cats could make 100 different sounds and dogs just 10! Well Mika and Lexus watch out....kitties are going to take over the world! LOL ;)

  11. I loved Royal Canin too, but then the vet thought I needed a strict diet, so she put me on Hills Metabolic food. Now I'm starving!!! Good job on this post guy & girl! he he

  12. I have never tasted the cat food. I can barely get close enough to it to put it in their bowls. Gah! Yuck!

    Very informative article Katie...thank you

  13. That's some great info. Now that I know I can make so many sounds I'll have to talk more. Mum says she never heard me make a sound other than a purr until I was over a year old!

  14. I always taste my furkids' foods/medicines fist when something is changed or added. I wouldn't expect them to eat or swallow anything that isn't nummy. I even coat Brat's pills in bacon grease or butter (after checking with Dr. Stabby). He will always have to take them, so it shouldn't always be unpleasant.

  15. amazing what the boffins will do next,xx Speedy

  16. We think you two secretly love each other but just don't want anyone to know. You make a great team.

  17. That was very informative! I'm not sure I buy into the whole vocabulary cats vs. dogs thing, though. I speak several foreign languages myself. Before I got here, I was chained to a tree for a year and a half and instead of making Siberian sounds, I imitated the coyotes who sang to me at night. Once I got here, my sister Stormy taught me Siberian -- and I learned to speak cat from some of my neighborhood pals. I can imitate them really well! I'm pretty good at different vocalizations and NOW ... the little one - Maggie? She said "I don't know" to mom in BIPED speak the other day! It was amazing! She might be above average, too.
    Play bows,
    PS: I think you need to set up a surveillance camera so you can capture GloGirly tasting your food!!!

  18. Great post guys. I learned a lot about cats from Royal Canin's infographic too.

  19. The best and right sort of food for the kitties is definitely important but we are still reeling at the idea of some cat owners tasting their kitties food first!??! Wow!!!

    Take care

  20. MomFOD has never tried our food. She smells Mrs P's breath tho. A lot. IT's weird. - Crepes.

  21. I have never seen my mum taste my food but I will be watching her like a hawk from now on. She has to check what flavours she gets because I will only eat Solitaire Turkey in sauce and Solitaire Trout in sauce. She got one turkey in pate last week by mistake and didn't realise until she opened the tin.Of course I knew immediately that she was trying to poison me.

  22. What?
    The humans taste our food? We get their cooties?
    No way!

  23. Cute! I've tasted my dogs' food and treats many a times.

  24. Dare we tell you the mom used to serve and eat dog biscuits when she played house as a girl? She hasn't eaten cat food though.

  25. Dearest Katie and Waffles!
    Mes is so happy that Mommy finally came home, now mes can visit agains! Mommy (and Daddy) does eats our Tuna (wes gets human tuna at night) but they DON'T easts the cat food wes gets in the morning! AND they makes toe Hairy slobbery sisters foods and it is made from the same ingredients that they eats so I guess yous could say they eats the Dogs food too!
    Weird eh!
    Missed yous guys lots!

  26. Excellent infographic. So good, in fact, that I may write about it tomorrow. MOL! Only sadly, I’m not sticking my head out from it. Love it!

  27. Mommy enjoyed all the different facts in this post. She says she has no intention of joining the 15 percent who try their pet's food. She says Mauricio is like Waffles: He makes one sound, but she says it is 1,000 times per day. MOL. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  28. Eww 15% cat owners taste their cats food! Very interesting post.
    Sue B

  29. So cute!!

    Dogs and their lack of vocabulary...*rolls eyes*

  30. Sounds like you need to guard that food from the moment it's opened! This was great!


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