Thursday, December 19, 2013

Survey Says!!!

Hi Everyone, Katie here.

We're very excited to share the results of our first annual reader survey with you! We've never done anything like this before and we're SO glad we did. Reading through the responses was HUGE fun!

We laughed, we cried, we learned... and one thing is for certain. We LOVE you. Everyday we're amazed that people stop by to see what we're up to. We're amazed at the kind and generous comments you leave for us. We're amazed that you care about us so much.

We hope you enjoy the cool graphic Glogirly made to illustrate some of the survey findings. We think that whether you're a purely a reader or have a blog of your own, you'll find some interesting and enlightening tidbits. 

At the bottom of the post, we'll share some of the specific things that we learned, a few plans for the future and the things that made us all leaky eyed. (happy leaky eyes.)

Special note to our fellow closet-geeks and bloggers...
If you download our pdf, there is a cool *tweet this* button activated at the bottom. 
If you enjoy the graphic, feel free to share it!

Suggestion #1:  Make it easier to read old posts.
GREAT idea! Just yesterday we did a little remodeling of our main menu bar at the top of the blog. Since we know that your top two GLOGIRLY Faves are "Funny Conversations" and "Waffles Wednesday" we've added a tab that you can just click to catch up on all of those posts. The tabs are called FUNNIES and WAFFLES WEDNESDAY. The posts will appear chronologically, beginning with the most recent. We'll be working on adding more things like that to make finding stuff easier.

Suggestion #2:  Make it easier to enter contests.
We saw this one coming! As a blogger, it's hard to figure out that perfect balance of ease and marketing. How to make entering a contest simple and quick for our readers and balance that with getting the word out and growing our blog and social media audience. We understand the more steps there are to entering, the less fun it becomes. We're going to shake things up and see how you like it. We'll limit some giveaways to just one comment per person, we'll do some that offer you an opportunity to earn more entries by sharing or following and we'll throw a Rafflecopter drawing into the mix from time to time. We welcome your feedback as we experiment!

Suggestion #3:  More Waffles?

Things that made us go WOW #1:  Facebook
We had NO IDEA that the majority of you find our new posts through Facebook. And 85% log on to Facebook every single day. Whoa! What this teaches us is that we should share more fun stuff there. Not just our posts, but fun photos that don't make it onto our blog, great things we find on other cat blogs, even just quick updates when something funny happens.

Things that made us go WOW #2:  Everyday?
We also had NO IDEA that the majority of you visit us every day we publish a new blog post, which for 2013 is every single day. This makes us smile really big.

Things that made us go WOW #3:  Our cup runneth over.
Many of you left comments for us in the final write-in section of the survey. You've touched our hearts in ways we can't begin to describe. It was VERY hard to choose a few comments to share...the more we read, the more we got leaky eyes. Many of you thanked us for sharing ourselves with you everyday. But we thank YOU for making us part of your day.
♥ I love waking up to my morning email from you guys :)
♥ Thank you for the many, many times you've put a much-needed smile on my face!
♥ Your posts are my daily smile and humor injection. 
♥ Glogirly makes my day!! You guys are original, always fresh with new ideas, fun stories and hilarious!!!! And I love what you do for shelter cats. Greatest cat blog!!
♥ Love you all so much. Your blog brings much laughter to my life...thank you so much for sharing Katie and Waffles with us.
♥ Beautiful photography and two obviously spoiled, gorgeous cats plus fundraising for rescue organizations? Perfect! Don't change a thing.
♥ You have the best photos of any blogger we follow. And Waffles is probably the most amusing cat we follow.
♥ Life is brighter with a Glogirly blog visit. GO WAFFLES (er...) GO KATIE!!!


  1. Cool reader survey!

    Have a great Thursday.

  2. We loved seeing the results and agree with all of them!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. I voted more Katie. Katie Katie always Katie. Because if she can overcome Waffles, I have hope of overcoming Ichiro.

  4. Bacon goes good with Waffles... hmm....

  5. wow... that's a pawsome infographic. our human is trying to work on the social media, but has failed...

  6. Those results are absolutely amazing guys! Looks like you are doing REALLY well! Great job, keep up the good work. And I love the image that goes with the results too.

  7. Spectacular presentation!!!! Wow, I'm so glad that I clicked (from Facebook) to read the results! No boring survey stuff here, that's for sure. :-)

  8. Wow is right! There are some really surprising results here - although I am not surprised that so many readers want more Katie AND Waffles!

  9. A genuine pleasure and an interesting read (from someone who really REALLY doesn't like Facebook.....)


    PS Mum made me write that, I don't know what FB is. She doesn't like it tho' but Loves Waffles! * Silver pops up and waves frantically * Hey is this PS longer than my response... Ooops Sorry Miss Glogirly....

  10. Hey!!

    Re-Reads post - what's this land that's very far far away??!! Aren't we far enough away in New Zealand?!?!?!?!?!

    WE ARE THE 2% * shakes paw in the air *

    Silver Kitten

  11. Whoohoo! Those are some excellent results.

    1. Scotland is part of the UK. So technically that doesn't fall under the two% of us in countries far, far away. :-)

  12. awesome infographic! I wouldn't have a clue how to make one! Fun to read the results

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  14. Two swiss cats read you every day, thanks to Feedly ! Mum really loves your work, she's so sad that she cannot go to BlogPaws meeting to meet IRL some pawsome cat bloggers like Glogirly ! Purrs

  15. Very interesting stats. We're surprised at how heavily they are weighted toward FaceBook, too, considering there are folks who simply don't participate there at all. We're also surprised to see the Pintrest participation numbers so high. We don't think of it as being as influential as it may be.

  16. Those statistics are very interesting. The FB surprised me too. I do have an account but usually just have a quick look on my homepage once a day and that's about it. I find it much easier to keep up with Feedly, although the "Next" button on Google reader was much better allowing me to comment on more of the posts I read.

  17. Such good and interesting info! And of course we want more Katie and Waffles! :)

  18. This is wonderful and such great feedback. We love you and think you guys are the best. Your resolutions for the new year really made us smile. Keep it up!

  19. that is very interesting. we admit, we have your blog in our list on our blogger dashboard, but mom usually hits facebook first and finds your newest posting there. :)

  20. This is neat, and even better is how you presented the information here. :-)

  21. We enjoyed seeing the results and we agree with them, too! Very sweet graphics. The kitties liked looking at the cute mice and Waffles and Katie xx

  22. Sounds like your survey was a HUGE success! Just like your blog.


  23. What a great survey Glogirly! We have loved you from the moment we happened upon your blog and it has been a pleasure to watch you grow and thrive. Your talent is beyond compare and we only wish our human could stop by more often because she really could use some more smiles in her life!

    Much love and purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

  24. 7% Canada? Thats it? LOL Well hey, I am in that 7%!!!! haha! Great post guys, it was so cool to read about the survey that was done. And I LOVE the graphic design you did to post the results!
    ((husky hugs))

  25. Hmmmmm..... interesting! More waffles, huh? Will we get more syrup too?

  26. We found your results very interesting too, especially like you that FB was the prime place people found your post. WE have you bookmarked in our "REGULARS" folder in Feedly. All of the bloggers who do multiple postings a week we try to keep them in one spot. We think you got some great suggestions and your blog has such great photography which we love and we are so glad you share Waffles and Katie with us. Nothing is better than black and white and orange!

  27. I think you are the only one that can make a reader survey result fun to read :)


  28. The info graphics are downright adorable! and interesting, thank you so much for sharing them with us!

  29. We were really surprised about Facebook too! We already knew you were awesome!

  30. We enjoyed seeing all your results. Of course, cleverly presented. It takes a brave and secure person (and kitties) to invite feedback and possible criticism; though, we are 100 percent sure you got none of that. Meowy Catmess to all. Purrs and Hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  31. What wonderful survey results. I'm actually very happy that Facebook gets more traffic than all the others. I prefer Facebook. G+ is a chore. I find twitter boring. Facebook is fantastic!

  32. Not only fabulous but the way you presented the results was just fantastic and so creative and clever...well, hell, would it be anything less????

  33. we love the results presentation! interesting too. Your comment to suggestion #3 made us mol! poor Waffles :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  34. Loved finding out the results. This is a fun place to be. Look forward to it daily.
    Sue B

  35. Awesome infographic! I was looking forward to seeing the results.

  36. This was intreeg.....fassinayt....kaptivat....inneresting.... to read, you guys. Veddy edumacational.

  37. You guys are great and deserve all of the praise in the world for brightening our days.

  38. The important thing is if you’re still having fun blogging.


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