Sunday, December 29, 2013

Squeee-full Sunday with Feline Rescue Inc's Kittens

© Jon Bidinger for Feline Rescue Inc.
Hi everyone, Katie here.

We want to introduce you to some very special kitties today. They are living with their momma kitty in one of  Feline Rescue Inc's many foster homes.

It's pretty easy to see that these kittens are special. But it's not just because they're a furry squee-full of cuteness.

Recently we had a Thanksgiving Giveaway here on our blog sponsored by the nice people at Peach Industries. They're the ones that make these wonderful kitty loungers we've all grown to love. The winner of the giveaway received a fun t-shirt for themselves and a kitty lounger to donate to their favorite rescue shelter.

The winner just happened to live in our own backyard here in Minneapolis and they chose Feline Rescue Inc, the shelter that is so very near and dear to our hearts here at GLOGIRLY.  Well the volunteers at Feline Rescue had a wonderful idea.

© Kristin Kaiser for Feline Rescue Inc.
You see, a sweet momma cat named Freya (above) had just given birth to NINE babies. You'd be sticking your tongue out too after nine babies now, wouldn't you?

© Kristin Kaiser for Feline Rescue Inc.
If anyone needed a little R&R time in their own personal kitty lounger, it was Freya! The people at Peach Industries were thrilled to make a special lounger just for her.

But as you can see by the first photo, Freya's furry family has their OWN plan for the lounger!

We want to thank Peach Industries for sponsoring such a special giveaway, Jon Bidinger the amazing foster dad, photographer extraordinaire, Kristin Kaiser and the many amazing volunteers at Feline Rescue. You are all making a difference in the lives of homeless cats. You're our heros

© Kristin Kaiser for Feline Rescue Inc.
Ok, we couldn't resist this last photo of one of Freya's kittens. Go ahead...squee out loud, squee out strong.

Do you have room in your heart and home for one or two or three (!) of these sweet babies? Just contact Feline Rescue for more information on Freya's family.

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  1. Does mama cat have a stuffed up nose? Poor thing, those babies are probably taking everything she's got, and now they have her amazing bed too!

    After fostering nearly 300 kittens, I don't think that I have a squee left in my body! Give me a senior cat any day! :-)

  2. Awww...those loungers make every kitty so very happy.

    What an amazing fur family :)

  3. They are too cute for words. Waffles needs some responsibility doesn't he?

  4. OMC, that's a LOT of babies! Freya deserves a medal to go with that lounger.

  5. Wow, nine babies, we can't believe it! We do hope that Mama Freya does get some time on that great lounger! What precious babies they all are! Purrs to them all for finding wonderful forever homes.

  6. Awww such a big lot of cuteness!xx Speedy

  7. What a lot of babies ! Mama Freya deserves the Mommies' gold medal ! We wish for every of these kitties to find a loving forever home very soon ! Purrs

  8. We pray Freya & babies get good homes! Mommy is squeeeeing!!!

  9. Nine adorable kittens! Freya is going to be happy to go into retirement when they're weaned. Wonderful pictures.

  10. Those kittens are definitely squeee worthy! We hope they all find homes, including Freya. :)

  11. Freya is so blessed! If I could adopt a cat, I would adopt her. Kittens are cute, but how can you resist that sweet mama face? Alas, I doubt Freya and my dog Pierson would get along. Pierson likes case... to chase, that is. Freya needs a nice quiet relaxing home.

  12. Those are some adorable kitten tots. But their poor Mom! Nine!

  13. Oh Freya, you have your work cut out for you! So very nice you have your own lounger :)

    and so nice of you to share these photos with us..

  14. Momma Freya needs that comfy lounger! They are an adorable family :)

  15. We like cats. Little ones and big ones. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

  16. That is a lovely lounger for Freya to get some rest time from her gorgeous babies.

  17. I THOUGHT I counted nine babies there. That's a lot of babies. That's a whole lot of ADORABLE!


  18. Oh look at all of those beautiful babies!! Good thing Momma kitty has help! MOL that was super duper terrific to have the lounger given to a new Mom on the go! :)

  19. SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!! So adorable! I hope Momma kitty has time to lounge!

  20. I once had 3 momma cats five birth in the same week to a total of 13 kittens. 2 of the mommas were the daughters of the other momma and the would go off to play or run around and momma/grandmomma often got stuck trying to feed all 13 of them! Just like some younger human mothers who don't take their job seriously.
    ...From then on, all my pets get neutered & spayed. They make much more affectionate and loving pets. I'm glad this momma will get to retire from being a mom after these 9 cutie-pies. I wish I could take a couple as Izzy misses his brother who went to the Bridge earlier this year, but my finances right now won't let me.

  21. Wow that's a lot of babies at once. They are adorable and so is mama kitty.
    Sue B

  22. Awww..such sweet babies & momma Freya too! We hopes they gets furever homes soon. They can't come here tho....even tho the mom is squeeing all over the place, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  23. yoW, our ears are ringing, mol! what a great gift for Freya. gosh, she looks like a kitten herself. Thanks Katie, to you and Peach Industries, for having the give-away!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  24. Aaaaaawwww!!! I can't get enough of those cute kittens!! Mama deserves that lounger after feeding nine babies!

    Rest well Mama.

    Everyone is so nice to these rescue kitties.

    Bless you.

    Happy 2014 sweet kitties and Mama! Welcome to the world.

  25. They are so adorable and just the purrfect family to win that lounger!

  26. OMC, with a litter of 9, that mama cat deserves a lounger *and* a spa day!

  27. Awww, I wish I’d had kittens so I could mold them to be just like me. Heh heh! Mom Freya should be due her Ladygardenectemy soon.

  28. Wow, NINE kittens? We sure hope Freya gets some time in that lounger real soon!

    We're so glad Feline Rescue Inc. won. Way to go Peach Industries, and Katie/Waffles and Glogirly! :)


  29. Faraday: oh we hate it when mommy squees. She's so LOUD....!

    BUT that is way cool of Peach to donate that to a hard-working mom of nine, woot!

  30. know how much we LOVE this! It is very nice of you to donate this to a shelter and how PAWSOME that it ended up with this mama and her nine babies! Having fostered a mama with nine I know she is going to enjoy it....but those babies probably will too....LOL!

  31. Freyja is a great mother. She was always patient and made sure everyone got fed. After two weeks her body just couldn't produce enough milk so I helped by bottle feeding 4 or 5 times a day until they started to eat kibble and gushy food.

    Even with the gushy food Freyja waits until the kittens are done eating until she eats.

    She is amazing!

  32. Since I'm sure some are wondering, here are their names.

    Bjorn (bear)
    Brunhilde (Hilde)

    5 girls and 4 boys not counting Freyja.


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