Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday Photohunt: *CREATIVITY*

Hi everyone, Katie here.
Katie here.
Katie here.
Katie here.

Do you hear an echo???

Today's photohunt theme is creativity. I had to think long and hard about this one.

Should I stick Waffles in a silly hat?
Which silly hat should I stick Waffles in?

Should I choose a glamorous beauty shot of me?
Which glamorous beauty shot should I choose?

So many hats, so much beauty, so little time.

In the end I settled on one of Glogirly's favorite creative tricks. It's called the Droste Effect. It's the effect of a picture appearing within itself, within itself, again and again and again into what seems to be infinity.

The appearance is "recursive" in that the smaller version contains an even smaller version of the picture, and so on. It can't really go on forever though. It continues only as long as the resolution of the picture allows. Or in my case, only as long as it takes for Waffles to photobomb my special effect.

This concludes your art history lesson for the day.

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  1. Re CURSE ive indeed...we see the troll at the end of the Katies!

  2. Hey--we didn't see him until the second look. Of course the Woman is trying to learn to use her progressives (yeah she's 50 and blind) to see the computer so she doesn't always see as well as she could... ;)

  3. I would like a lot of Katies, Katies, Katies......

  4. Allie: Waffles! Photobombing an art history lesson! How uncouth!

    Maxwell: dood! You lost your couth and you didn't TELL us???

  5. Katie Katie Katie Katie Waffles...
    Sounds like a new game for kids!

  6. It only figures Waffles would weasel in there somehow! ;-)

  7. Waffles makes a natural photo bomb! You look exquisite in your tiara, Katie.

  8. We loved that special effect. More Katie is a good thing. Glad there was only one Waffles though hyper kitties are such a handful.

  9. Katie, you made the correct selection for today's post. Much more creative than a hat or tiara. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  10. That’s a cool effect. I didn’t even see W2 until you mentioned him. Very creative.

  11. Very nice pics! Looking glorious as always! And a big thank u for the art lesson ;)

  12. Wowzers, can you imagine? An infinite number of you?!?! How cool would that be!?!
    I like Waffles in his hat, though. He looks like that Puss N Boots guy, you know? And YOU as a little baby princess?!?! Knock me over with a piece of Sibe fluff, you're so adorable! Seriously.
    Play bows,
    PS: About the comment you left on our blog yesterday - yes, both Maggie and I are bi-eyed -- same side for the blue/brown and everything. Cam's got two dark chocolates. We like keeping things interesting!

  13. Have to admit, I love seeing you both. xxooxx


  14. Ha Waffles always has to get in the picture.
    Sue B

  15. Waffles, your photobombing is very artistic!!! ;) xx

  16. Katie, we love seeing you over and over and over again...oh yeah, and a Waffles photobomb too. :)

  17. Your choice is very creative, Katie. Waffles in the last one is just perfect. He looks handsome in his Puss in Boots hat, too,

    Spyro and the Gang

  18. That is a great effect Katie. I think Waffles is trying to see how you did it.

  19. The addition of Waffles is the creative genius part!
    You always come up with a good solution.

  20. recursive Katie is a beautiful theme,xx Speedy


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