Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Photohunt *PROMISE*

Hi everyone, Katie here.

In honor of today's Photohunt theme, Waffles Too and I are joining our paws in peace and making a *PROMISES* to each other.

Visit the Saturday Photohunt Blog to see what the upcoming themes are and play along.

I promise to let Waffles Too jump me from behind every other Wednesday during all months 
that have 30 days and begin with the letter J. Except for June. I'm busy this June.

I promise to not tell anyone that Katie's boyfriend is Spaghetti Bob, Registered Therapy Kitten
Or that almost 1500 other cats already like him on Facebook.

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Voting closed at noon EST today in the 1-800-PetMeds Cat Naps & Dog Dreams Competition! Waffles Too had the most votes of ALL the entries!  4,578 to be exact.  Now it's up to the judges who will choose the winners based on photo creativity, originality, narrative & social votes. Thank you SO much for all your sharing and tweeting! We'll keep you posted on the outcome of the contest. It's supposed to be announced around Valentines Day. You can click HERE to see all the entries.


  1. MOL MOL MOL!!! Your promises are easily kept, kittehz. We see the war rages on at your townhouse. What's the score?
    Have a happy Saturday. xoxoxo

  2. OMC did Waffles Too just let the cat out of the bag about Katie's boyfriend????

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Ha - that's a great jumping picture.
    No promises about not jumping, I'm sure!

    We haven't participated in PhotoHunters in a long time, but we did this week, at Purrchance To Dream.

  4. Those are good promises. Perhaps I promise to let Ichiro sit on my head any time Katie lets Waffles jump on her from behind.

  5. Katie, darling--I have something to tell you (looks around quickly)
    ALL the J months have 30 days! In fact, July and January have 31! You blew it, amiga mia. You shoulda said: .....months that have ONLY 30 days....

    Well, too late now. I can see Waffles 2 practicing for those July humps right now.

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  6. That picture of Waffles Too jumping your back makes us laugh..every time!

  7. Uh-oh, Katie, Spitty is right! But of course, that is your EDITOR's fault! Glogirly should have caught that. Maybe Waffles should jump her instead.

  8. Wow Spaghetti Bob!!!!! Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Ha!!!!!!!!!!! Clever way of introducing your boyfuriend!!!!
    We just went and liked him on Facebook and told him that you sent us!

  10. Wow! What promises! Now we need to check out Spafhetti Bob. Katie, are you attracted to Italian gatti?!?!

  11. Waffles you totally smoked the competition...Concatulations! Lovely to see you two call a truce, even if only for a day...Spaghetti Bob looks like quite a catch for Katie (or is it the other way around?)

  12. I hope you two promise to keep making us smile!

  13. I promise to "like" W2 on FB if he gets his own page. and I promise to be his own personal "jump from behind" trainer. And no worries, Katie, I can keep an eye on teh calendar for you so you won't have to. That way, the every other Wednesday will be an even bigger surprise! This will be fun!

  14. Oh Katie, I think that's a promise you can keep!

  15. Waffles Too, we know you're too young to know how to keep your promises. Cute, but loose lipped! We trust Katie.

  16. Allie: *GASP!* Quick! Order Glogirly to edit your promise to J months that END in 30 days! Oh my this is a disaster!! *fans face with pink paw*

  17. Awww... really? You can't do June?

  18. *giggles*

    Waffles, don't worry, we promise not to say anything about Katie's boyfurriend either.


  19. So let's get this straight. Katie's having a relationship with some spaghetti?? Am I correct? Hmmm! This could cause a problem when they dance at the ball! She could strangle herself.

    Worried of Anglesey

    PeeEss Mum noticed on CatChat that Glogirly likes Rook. Could you tell her that she learnt to play that game when she was with a bunch of Americans in Israel during the first Gulf War and she LOVES it. It got her through a few sleepless nights :) In fact she even mentioned it on her blog way back a time!!

  20. MOL, those are some good promised but I'm pretty sure neither of you will keep yours!!

  21. Hehehe... cute boyfriend Katie!

  22. Waffles, well done. I think you fixed her even better than she fixed you!

  23. Hee hee! Awesome promises, if not easily kept. Or in Waffles Too's case, not kept at all!

  24. Concats to Waffles Too ! If those judges don't do the right thing, I think Harry has a hair ball coming on...
    Dexter and Tipp

  25. Uhh Katie, you do realise that January and July have 30 days in them before you get to the 31st?
    Waffles Too, we won't tell Katie that you let the cat out of the bag.

  26. Me firmly believes in Cat Warsw with younger brothers! And me thinks being in l;ove with a cat who has 1500 followers might be a like my Mommy being in love with Sting...just saying.
    Loves your posts this week, Mommy has been so furry busy, she has not had time to visit until today
    and wes is catching up!

  27. Hope you had your paws crossed behind your back when you made those promises cos Spitty has you there.

  28. William loved your NJH acronym, my darling Katie XOXOXO

  29. hahahaa, Gosto de imagens bem humoradas. Um abra├žo!


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