Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Window Watchers

KATIE:  Do you see what I see, Waffles?

WAFFLES:  You mean do I see you on the kitchen counter, Boss?

KATIE:  Seriously? We've got chipmunks & squirrels and hummingbirds & bees and you're more interested in me on the kitchen counter???

WAFFLES:  Well you're always meowing at ME to get off the counter.

KATIE:  Well look who's meowing now!

WAFFLES:  I'm not meowing. You're meowing

KATIE:  Do I look like I'm meowing?


KATIE:  And you tell me that I need to switch to decaf. 

About Today's Photos
The afternoon sun has been POURING in the kitchen windows making for great Chipmunk and Squirrel TV viewing. We've had so much squirrel and bird activity that even Katie has discovered the joys of our premium channel. 

Meanwhile, Glogirly is losing the battle on the whole "no cats on the kitchen counter" rule. 

WAFFLES:  Kitchen counter? What kitchen counter.


  1. My word but Waffles looks upset about something!

  2. It looks like a great place to sit. Rules are meant to be broken!!

  3. Good Critter TV trumps any silly human rules about counters, kitties! And I know that your momma keeps her kitchen spotless, so a few cat pawprints on the granite is easily cleaned away.

  4. Dear Katie & Waffles - tell Glogirly that is what Clorox is for :)

  5. Great work watching Katie. Waffles you need to keep a civil meow with your sisfur. We have a big window over our counter and Dad gave up after the first week.

  6. That is too great a view to ban access - counter kitties is not such a bad compromise considering what a beautiful place and cats you are blessed with.

  7. Yeah, you're kinda setting up to fail with that rule. . .LOL

  8. Pumpkinpuddy here. Mom gave up long ago on trying to keep us off the counters and tables.

  9. Our mom gave up on the no cats on the counter thing long time ago.

  10. they look soooo cute sitting in the window TOGETHER! Cody hasn't counter surfed for quite some time!

  11. Cats belong EVERYWHERE! Kitch-hen, bedroom, counters!


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