Monday, September 23, 2019

Return to Downton Tabby

LADY KATIE:  After 3+ years, the PBS drama Downton Tabby, I mean Downton Abbey,  has returned. And this time, to the big screen. The movie opened last Friday and it didn't take long for Glogirly to snag a ticket and settle into her theater seat with a bucket of popcorn. Don't worry, we won't be sharing any spoilers.

LORD WAFFLES:  I don't smell anything spoiled.

LADY KATIE:  Spoilers, Waffles. Not spoiled.

LORD WAFFLES:  I still don't smell anything. Except for maybe some of Mrs. Patmore's chicken.

LADY KATIE:  *sigh...always with the chicken*

LORD WAFFLES:  Do you still smell something, Boss? –I mean, Your Ladyboat?

LADY KATIE:  SHIP, Waffles. It's Your Ladyship. Not BOAT.

LORD WAFFLES: Well if you're a Ladyship, what does that make me? A Boyboat? A CATamaran?

LADY KATIE:  I was thinking more on the lines of a dinghy.

LORD WAFFLES:  Jeez, Boss. Are you sure this isn't Downton Crabby?

What do you get when you combine Downton Abbey, Petula Clark, and CATS?
To celebrate the return of Lady Mary, Mrs. Patmore's chicken, and the whole Downton gang, we've got a special song for you. For the longest time, Glogirly thought it was Downtown Abbey, not Downton Abbey. So now, every time she sees the word Downton, she can't help but think of Petula Clark's iconic song of the same name from the 60s.

*and a one, and a two, and a three... to the tune of DOWNTOWN by Petula Clark*

KATIE:  ♫♩
When you're a cat and life is making you crazy
you can always go –

Waffles is driving, better hold on tight,
Or you won't make it to –

Just listen to my song so settle down and make some biscuits.
But look both ways for coppers cause we wouldn't want a ticket.
How can we lose?
There's no traffic here,
We'll forget all our troubles, but watch out for deer.

CHORUS:  ♫♩ 
Let's go DOWNTON!
Things will be great when we're DOWNTON!
No cooler place for sure,  DOWNTON!
The dinner gong's ringing for you.

LORD WAFFLES: Did you say dinner???

Original background photos:  Downton Abbey for PBS Masterpiece


  1. MOL! Well, my human never saw it on TV... and she probably won't see it in the theater either. She will probably see Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood for a third time, however!

  2. My wife wants to see that which means I will have to go with her. :(

  3. Thanks for the smiles, Glogirly. We are fans of the show and looking forward to seeing the movie.

  4. I haven't watched the show, but I love this song. Hahaha! 😹

  5. We already went and saw it Saturday morning. It was quite good!

  6. Momma and I watched the show together as she did a re-watch of the whole series before the movie. She's seen the movie twice already and loved it! I have to wait for it to come out on video, BOO!

  7. What a couple of cuties! I'm excited to see the movie, thanks for not hinting about what happens!

  8. MOL ! We never saw this on TV, but you made us want to see the movie ! Purrs

  9. We watched a brief interview with the "Downton Abbey" cast, about how it was different to film a movie rather than a TV show. And they interviewers talked to Lord and Lady Carnarvon, where the 'show' is filmed for exteriors.

  10. The mom hasn't seen the movie yet...and she can't wait!


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