Friday, May 17, 2019

What Happens In Vegas - Suitcase Inspection

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, this suitcase smells really, uh... really strange.

KATIE:  That's because it came all the way from Las Vegas. 

WAFFLES:  But I thought they say what smells in Vegas stays in Vegas. 

KATIE:  No, it's what happens in Vegas. 

WAFFLES:  Well whatever happened in Vegas really smells. You don't think there's some Vegas inside here, do you Boss?

KATIE:  I sure hope not.

WAFFLES:  I better check it out. 

KATIE:  Well, suitcase inspection is your area of expertise. 

WAFFLES:  I'm goin' IN!

KATIE:  Perhaps what goes in that suitcase stays in that suitcase. At least one can hope.

Leaving the Cats for Las Vegas
Glogirly left Katie & Waffles for the first time since we moved to Colorado! She went to a family wedding in Las Vegas last weekend. Our neighbors tag-teamed cat-sitting duties. David took care of all the breakfasts and Over-the-Hill Bob served dinner and provided daily updates and photos. 

Katie and Waffles did great and made quick work of cleaning their plates each and every day. 

Meanwhile, Gloman served as the official wedding photographer and Glogirly, the official wedding photographer's assistant, was by his side the whole weekend. The photos are going to be part of an elaborate film and light show the groom's parents are holding back in their home state of Saskatchewan, (Canada), later this month. 

There were photo ops all weekend and on the big day, Glogirly and Gloman rode around with the wedding party in a stretch Hummer while they stopped at landmark locations in and around Las Vegas for photos. From the desert salt flats to the Smith Center for the Performing Arts to the Graceland Wedding Chapel to Lake Las Vegas where the ceremony took place, to the late night Bellagio fountain show on the strip...they were everywhere. 16+ hours and 2,650 photos, most in 95 degree Las Vegas heat. Phew! 

The day after, they celebrated by turning the a/c down in their room to 60 degrees, taking 6-hour naps, and ordering room service for dinner. 

WAFFLES:  Did someone say room service???


  1. Waffles would like the chicken, I'd wager.
    Sounds like a lovely time!

  2. The first time we went to Vegas back in the 80's I was just fascinated, by the number of wedding-dressed folks walking up and down the strip.30 years later my youngest son came over to the house right before they left to go to Vegas for her work convention to borrow a formal dress along with a garment bag for his suit for the big end of convention banquet, and I made s comment to him about proposing at the Bellagio. Thanksgiving night we go a phone call from them, they had eloped, and were going to send photos of the big event. The photos came, they were dressed in jeans, posing with a Gene Simmons look alike! Now he has no excuse to forget hi anniversary, as that year his birthday, Thanksgiving and the wedding were all on the same day!

  3. We are so glad things went well for everyone

  4. My cat is always so when I return home from a trip. Sniffing my luggage as if I was spending time with other pets. I love your darling pictures and captions!!

  5. Sounds like a lot of work but we bet the results are worth it. I bet there are lots of good smells for both Waffles and Katie

  6. room service? That's the best! I bet you all had a great time!

  7. That sounds like a busy and fun weekend ! Purrs

  8. We bet the sights were simply spectacular, and expertly captured by Gloman! Waffles no wonder the suitcase smells like Vegas. Glogirly was all over the place! Glad you are back home safely and that Katie and Waffles did so well in your absence! We don't like it when Z-Girl goes away, and each have our own duties as the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation) when she returns!

  9. Did they bring a bag full of money with them?


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