Wednesday, May 22, 2019

May Snow Cats & Scenes From Our Spring Snow

WAFFLES:  What's with all this white stuff, Boss? Did someone spray Glogirly's whipped cream all over everything?

KATIE:  That's not Reddi Wip, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  It smells like Reddi Wip.

KATIE:  No it doesn't, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  It feels like Reddi Wip.

KATIE:  No it doesn't, Waffles.


KATIE:  Fine. It's Reddi Wip.

WAFFLES:  So where's my cherry on top?

Mother Nature Loves A Rollercoaster
We're continuing to ride the weather rollercoaster here in Colorado. Just a few days ago, Glogirly was wearing her sandals but Tuesday morning she had to trade them in for her snow boots.

From the Rocky Mountains down into Denver, just about everyone woke up to at least a little of the white stuff Tuesday morning.  We had about 5" and are expecting a little more throughout the day.

No one is complaining though! Even in the spring, when the snow falls in the mountains it's like the beautiful landscape has been tucked into a blanket of sparkly, white magic. All this moisture is a wonderful thing when it comes to summer and fall wildfire risk too.

Waffles, who has a reputation for being scared of snow on his paws, even ventured far enough out our deck door to get both of his front paws covered before Glogirly pulled him back inside.

Snow Hummers
Our hummingbirds have been here for over a month already and have proven to be very resilient troopers. 

Just after Glogirly took these photos, they were back at the feeder sipping their favorite sugar cocktail.

No Driveway Drama Today!
Despite the heavy, wet snow, our road is nice and clear, thanks to our neighbor. So bring it on down, FedEx!


  1. Snow in May!? My human is glad she's in southern California, and so am I.

  2. We are having an early summer here and can't imagine late snowfalls. Enjoy the extra moisture and the beautiful scenery!

  3. Sorry, as pretty as the snow is...we don't want snow in May. :)

  4. Pretty but you keep it in your mountains. Me and mum are finally getting some nicer weather. Crabby apple tree blooming, lilacs.

  5. well that is just weird....though we are glad it will help this summer

  6. That's so pretty!!!! I'm actually kind of envious! I love snow! Ilive on the Oregon Coast and we actually got a little snow this year. My cat wasn't too sure about it though!!
    Kacie @whoeversaidpetsarentfamily

  7. If we had snow in Michigan right now, I think most of the population's heads would crack open from disappointment! We have enough rain to make it incredibly dreary, but at least my new plantings are doing well. I was so amazed at the noise that your hummers make, and wish we had some flitting around too!

  8. It's not unusual in the Alps, but down here in the Rhône Vally snow in May would be strange ! Purrs

  9. Z-Girl was all worried about how far Waffles made it outside. Good to know Glogirly was able to snag him quickly!!

  10. If that's redi wip, then I'm coming over for a visit. I'm sure Waffles isn't mistaken. ;)


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