Friday, May 3, 2019

Fetch Toy Jackpot

KATIE:  Waffles, what on earth are you doing up there?

WAFFLES:  I'm looking for my fetch toy. Have you seen my fetch toy, Boss? Have you?

KATIE:  What, am I your fetch toy's keeper?

WAFFLES:  How about my pickle? And my feather?

KATIE:  Same question.

WAFFLES:  But Boss, I can't find anything. Haven't you seen them?

KATIE:  Have you retraced your steps?

WAFFLES:  Good idea, Boss!


WAFFLES:  Nope. No fetch toy here.

KATIE:  That's not what I meant by retracing–

WAFFLES:  But you said–

KATIE:  Have you tried the dishwasher?

WAFFLES:  I don't do dishes, Boss. Duh.

KATIE:  UNDER the dishwasher. You know, with the other 142 toys you've stashed under there?


About Today's Convo
Katie keeps close tabs on her toys, but Waffles is obsessed with stashing them under things. There are likely untold numbers of fetch toys under the dishwasher.

And don't even get us started on the refrigerator!


  1. Wow, if you found them all, I bet you could open up a cat toy store!

  2. We know all about that here. Chris was famous for losing toys under things when he was young. Now Floki does it. I think I found almost ten mice under our coffee table recently.

  3. Daiquiri likes to hide hers under the sofa and mom's chair.... good luck Waffles

  4. Phoebe keeps showing us that there are things under everything! She looks everywhere she can and puts small thing anywhere she can. We made some cat toys that don’t fit under the fridge/dishwasher and I think she has gotten them under there! Haha

  5. For whatever reason neither Derby or I have put things under the refrig. Now the couch? That gets lots of them.

  6. Pumpkin here. Mom has a yardstick she bought just to rescue cat toys from under things. MOL

  7. The Hubby has a yardstick (yep, they still exist!) that is terrific for clearing cat toys from the underside of many things! However, it's 30% toys to 70% tumblin' tumbleweeds of fur...

  8. Mom got a big stash out from under our sofa!!

    The Florida Furkids

  9. Miss Fitz is our toy stasher Waffles. Dad comes out every morning and corrals our toys to the fireplace and there are always one or two missing. They show back up when he moves things about MOL

  10. I can certainly sympathize. My younger cat is a toy stasher. They need to learn how to push them out with a stick!

  11. Waff! We found a whole bunch of toys under the guest bedroom bed. We're pretty sure Ava stashed them there. :)


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