Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Cat Treats, Laundry, and the the Tragic Spin Cycle

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, in case you were wondering, the Greenies aren't machine washable.

KATIE:  Waffles, what did you do now?

WAFFLES:  Nothing.

KATIE:  Please tell me you didn't put the Greenies in the washing machine again.

WAFFLES:  I didn't put the Greenies in the washing machine again.

KATIE:  That crumpled and clearly EMPTY bag looks awfully clean, Waffles. 

WAFFLES:  Maybe we should've used the gentle cycle. 

KATIE:  I've got your gentle cycle.

About Today's Photos
Today's photos are almost four years ago, when we were living in our Minneapolis Townhouse. There was an "incident" with our dishwasher that resulted in what we now call the Great Flood of 2015. In an episode of "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" - Waffles put a bag of Greenies Cat Treats IN the washing machine. How is this even possible? The following chronicles the sequence of events that led to the unfortunate demise of a perfectly good bag of Greenies.

  1. While construction workers were ripping up our damaged walls and ceilings, Katie & Waffles needed to be contained in what used to be the Kitten Quarantine Room so there would be no chance of them getting hurt or escaping. 
  2. Glogirly lured them into the room by offering them what looked like handfuls of Greenies. She even shook the bag. 
  3. Once Katie & Waffles were distracted with the tasty free-for-all, Glogirly made a run for it. She had the bag of Greenies in one hand and shut the door with the other.
  4. The only safe and convenient place to store the bag of Greenies was inside the laundry closet, just outside the Kitten Quarantine Room. Probably so she could trick Katie & Waffles again the next time another worker showed up. 
  5. Later in the day, Katie & Waffles got a glimpse of the treat bag sitting on the edge of the washer inside the laundry closet while Glogirly was doing the towels.
  6. A couple of loads later, Glogirly forgot to close the laundry closet doors tightly. 
  7. And that's how a perfectly good bag of Greenies lands in the wash. The spin cycle probably did them in.
Today's post originally appeared on GLOGIRLY May 18, 2015 and has been edited.


  1. That really is hilarious! Honestly, that bag of Greenies would have been emptied out here before ever reaching a washing machine!

  2. ROTFL, cats just keep life interesting!

  3. That is too funny. Waffles face is wonderful and Katie says it all

  4. And I thought The Hubby washing (and rewashing) my library card was hilarious...nope, this story has beaten mine!

  5. Hmmm, good to know about Greenies NOT being washable. I would have thought the Greenies CAUSED the great flood. Either way, very funny. BTW, 50 year old rugs with rubber backing aren't washable either even if they say they are.

  6. Pretty impressive Waffles - you pulled it off! Why, we have NO idea - MOL!

  7. Those greenies must be with the missing socks. :)

  8. Well we think you should blame Glogirly not Waffles, it is ALWAYS the humans fault.

  9. All those unlikely events came together very nicely. :)

  10. Oh noes, Greenies down the drain.


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