Monday, December 10, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, where does this one go?

KATIE:  Hang on, Waffles. I'm busy.

WAFFLES:  Sometime today, Boss.

KATIE:  Watch it, Waffles. Or YOU might get packed in that box.

WAFFLES:  Well who's it going to? Because if it's going to the Colonel, I'm IN.

KATIE:  The Colonel???

WAFFLES:  You know, the chicken man. KFC. Extra crispy. Gravy. 

KATIE:  Pretty sure it's going to Glogirly's friend in NYC.

WAFFLES:  Well isn't there a KFC in NYC? OMG! Maybe Glogirly's BFF can take me to the KFC in NYC. Then I can meet the Colonel IRL. 

KATIE:  You know, Waffles. Despite your overuse of acronyms, you might be onto something. I think we're going to need a bigger box. 

Wrapping It Up
Glogirly spent part of the weekend wrapping up gifts to send off to our long-distance friends and family. The temptation of boxes, tissue and ribbon was just too much for Waffles. He had to be in the middle of everything.

Katie is more of a spectator. Always keeping an eye out for falling tissue paper and cat toys.

Calendar and Donation Update
Thank you SO much to everyone who ordered one of our new calendars. Tuesday, December 4, was Colorado Gives Day and we donated a portion of each calendar sale to Angels With Paws Cat Rescue & Adoption Center. We chose them because they are a very small rescue organization devoted solely to cats and they rely completely on donations from private individuals like you. 

We've sold out of our first batch of calendars and will receive our second batch today. If you'd like to order one, we have a page set up with all the details about cost, donation info, and lots of pictures: 


  1. You can come here Waffs, I will take you to KFC.

  2. Oh we like those gift tags! Have fun wrapping gifts!

  3. we bet you wouldn't enjoy that trip as much as you think Waffles

  4. Seriously, Katie and Waffles are just too CUTE! Those wee Christmas outfits and collars...

  5. You're such a cute helper, Waffles ! The gift tags are too cute ! Purrs

  6. Those gift tags are adorable. We have a KFC here Waffles.
    Sue B

  7. Waffles, you really don't want to get sent somewhere in a box.


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