Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bathroom Convo

WAFFLES:  How do I look, Boss?

KATIE:  You look like you're on the bathroom counter, where you're not supposed to be.

WAFFLES:  How else am I supposed to check out my handsomeness?

KATIE:  Ok, now you're LAYING on the bathroom counter. That's even MORE against the rules.

WAFFLES:  No I'm not.

K ATIE:  Waffles, just because you're crouched down behind the faucet doesn't mean Glogirly isn't going to see you.

WAFFLES:  Fine, I'll just look handsome down here. Glogirly's at the dentist. So she wouldn't be able to see me anyway. 

KATIE:  Well you better be careful. Lest you forget what happened the last time you had YOUR teeth cleaned. That trick of yours doesn't work on the kitchen counter and it's not going to work here.

WAFFLES:  Wait. What???

Pearly Whites Check-Up
Fortunately for Glogirly, her dental appointment today was just for a cleaning and check-up. She buttered up her dentist with one of our cat calendars. Probably hoping that would bring good karma to her x-rays. Which it did. No cavities, no broken crowns, nothing. 

And nothing is good when it comes to the dentist!

A rare glimpse at our girl, post dental appointment. 

Just a Few Calendars Left
Thank you SO much to everyone who ordered one of our new calendars. We've got just a few left. If you'd like to order one, we have a page set up with all the details about cost, donation info, and lots of pictures:   Katie & Waffles 2019 Desk Calendar.


  1. I dunno, Katie, I'm with Waffles on this one - we go where ever we want!

  2. We go wherever we want also! Glogirly is looking beautiful!

  3. Glad Glogirly had a good check up. She looks marvy with her new hair do. Waffles, just break the rules. Being on the countertops is OK, at least at my house.

  4. Pfft! Now that Manny has a new nickname of 'Hopper', which isn't hard to figure out...

  5. Oh Waffles you are sneaky. She will never know.
    Sue B

  6. We're glad Glogirly got a good checkup!

  7. We're glad everything went well for Glogirly ! Don't worry, Waffles, we won't tell her : we go on counters all the time ! Purrs

  8. YAY!!! This post was adorable, YOU look GORGEOUS and I hope I am as lucky as you when I go to the dentist this Monday (I am TERRIFIED every time I go!) I have a feeling I have stuff wrong this time :(

  9. You guys are so cute!! And Glogirly is so gorgeous! Love the hair! Just ordered your calendar! Yay!!


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