Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Grocery Bag Blues

KATIE:  Over a dozen grocery bags Glogirly carried in and all I get is this sad, empty one?

WAFFLES:  Bags? Did someone say bags???

KATIE:  Perhaps I can make something of these carrot tops.

WAFFLES:  Carrot tops, schmarrot tops. What about the BAGS, Boss?

About Today's Photos
In anticipation of Gloman's arrival, Glogirly bought out the grocery store today. She filled TWO carts. And we're not talking about those tiny baby-sized carts. But do you suppose there was anything for Katie and Waffles in all those bags? 

Not to worry, though. We've got a fresh supply of Katie & Waffles' favorite raw cat food in the freezer. There might be some Cheetos in the snack cabinet too. 


  1. Cheetos? I've never had them, but I bet I would like them!

  2. YAY - Gloman is coming, the freezer is stocked, bag to play with and Cheetos!!

  3. Gloman, food, Waffles and Katie, holiday lights, cold weather...sounds like you've got it going on, Glogirly!

  4. I don't think we've ever filled TWO carts! Wow. You must be going to have a great holiday!

  5. I want a picture of Glogirly pushing two carts

  6. Two carts and nothing for the kitties ? It's hard to believe ! Purrs

  7. Z-Girl had a kitty named Pyewacket who used to eat Cheetos, Doritos and McDonald's French Fries! We hope you all have a great visit with Gloman, we look forward to hearing if Katie does anything with the carrot tops!

  8. Glad you have gotten all stocked up for the holly-daze and that Gloman arrives soon and safely.

  9. Hey, bags at our house means no end of fun for the kitties!


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