Monday, December 17, 2018

Heat Seeking Cats

WAFFLES:  What happened to all the warm spots, Boss? Is Mr. Sun only working half days? Did daylight savings steal all the daylight? One minute its morning, the next its bedtime. 

What, are we supposed to sleep all day?

KATIE:  Well, we are cats. 

You ask a lot of questions, Waffles. Most of which make no sense at all, though some people might think there's something to your theory of daylight savings stealing a bunch of our daylight. The days will keep getting shorter until the winter solstice. 

WAFFLES:  Soul what? You mean like an R&B concert or something? Who's playing?

KATIE:  Do you even know what R&B stands for? 

WAFFLES:  Ribs and bacon?

Mmmmm....Warm Spot
When the sun goes into hiding or sets before we've eaten dinner, Katie and Waffles are quick to seek out the "warm spots" in the house. We're very fortunate to have radiant in-floor heat as our primary heat source. That means we have a network of tubes filled with hot water that run underneath our floors. It keeps our toes warm and is pure heaven for cats. 

In some areas of the house, typically where the tubes go around/into a corner or through a doorway, it's extra warm because those tubes get closer together than in the middle of a room. So more heat is radiated in those areas. Our heating and plumbing technician (who loves cats by the way, has a wife named Katie, and we call him the Boiler Whisperer) said that cats will instinctively seek out these warm spots. 

One of Katie's favorite spots (in the above photo) is right by the doorway to the bedroom. When she rolls over to have her tummy scratched, her fur is SO warm. It's like she's been laying on a heating pad.

The other primo warm spots are in the closet, underneath Glogirly's clothes. Occasionally Katie and Waffles can be seen mere inches apart, soaking up the warmth. 

Some Morning Magic
When Mr. Sun rose in the morning, he did so magnificently. The clouds looked like huge puffs of cotton candy. 

Calendar Update
Thank you SO much to everyone who ordered one of our new calendars. Tuesday, December 4, was Colorado Gives Day and we donated a portion of each calendar sale to Angels With Paws Cat Rescue & Adoption Center. We chose them because they are a very small rescue organization devoted solely to cats and they rely completely on donations from private individuals like you. 

We've sold out of our first batch of calendars and will receive our second batch today. If you'd like to order one, we have a page set up with all the details about cost, donation info, and lots of pictures: 


  1. In-floor heat sounds like heaven. That’s a beautiful sunrise!

  2. My human is envious of your floor heating! And to be honest so am I!

  3. You have no idea how much I LOVE that you donated to Angels with Paws!! I have volunteered with them and visited with their kitties many times. I had planned to get my new kitty from them, but then Tylan kinda showed up on the radar, and you know how it goes.......kitty chooses you, and he clearly chose me and Carmine. But I love Angels with Paws, and they are incredibly deserving. They do really amazing work and are always rescuing kitties from kill shelters.

    I love it when Carmine lays in his heated bed and then comes to sit in my lap. His tummy fur is SO warm!

  4. I have a heat seeking meezile here, he would love your warm floors!

    Ribs and bacon sounds like a good R&B to us!

  5. We have old fashioned radiators with steel covers over them. Our cat Rhette was never shown to lay on top of them and there weren't any cats to show him either. He instinctively figured out how to climb a chair, to the window ledge, over a table and on to the top. He gets so warm we make him turn over! Love Dolly

  6. Yeah, cats are heat seeking creatures. During the day my fav spot is my ham-mick which mum has placed where the heaty vent blows under it. At night I like to crawl under the covers with mum.

    I still get morning sun puddles in the front window, but they don't last long. Although mum says we are already getting a minute or two back on later sunsets, while the sunrise keeps getting later. Solstice is this Friday, can't wait for really longer days.

    Mum says the pic is beauty-full.

  7. We would LOVE radiant heat in our concrete floors! Enjoy the warmth, Katie and Waffles!

  8. Oh we would love heat on the floor. That sounds divine!

  9. Katie and Waffles live in a cat paradise!

  10. Floor heating sounds great ! We would love to have it ! Purrs

  11. Does your sun go away in the winter like our sun does? It's grey, grey, grey here with only a few days now and then with sunshine. I wish someone had warned me about that.

  12. That kind of heat sounds wonderful. Lucky kitties.
    Sue B

  13. Holy Cannoli! I'm gonna ringy ding ding your door bell and come into get tan by dat heater!


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