Friday, December 7, 2018

Waffles and His Rocky Mountain HIGH Ladder

WAFFLES:  Uh oh. Um, Boss??? This ladder is really high. 

Like really, REALLY high. 

Like Rocky Mountain High.

KATIE:  I told you not to go up there, Waffles. What goes up must come down. And that includes YOU.

WAFFLES:  Maybe I'll just stay up here for a while. 

KATIE:  Works for me. 

WAFFLES:  What about dinner though? And what if I have to use the litter box? Boss? Are you there?


Waffles and the 12' Ladder
Our mountain house has some very high ceilings. 15' at its tallest. And that's right where Glogirly wanted to switch out a light fixture. She'd been eyeing a new one ever since we moved in. So when it finally went on sale for Black Friday, she decided to go for it. 

But she's no electrician. And though she's not typically scared of heights, dangling from a 12' ladder isn't exactly at the top of her bucket list. So she called our super sweet neighbor who said, "No problem! Hang a light fixture? Piece of cake." 

They got the giant ladder in position to make sure it would reach and started to assemble the light fixture pieces on the kitchen island, just a few feet away from where the new light was going to go. 

While putting everyting together, their backs were turned to the ladder. When they turned around, Waffles was at the VERY TOP of the ladder. 12' in the air, in a very tight space, over a cement and tile floor. He can virtually fly up any ladder, (and loves to!) but coming down is another story. Cats may land on their feet, but at this height, if Waffles were to jump he could easily be hurt. He was also meowing in somewhat of a panicked tone. Glogirly ran up the ladder to get him. She had to hold him on her shoulder with one hand and grab the ladder with the other, stepping down backwards to the floor. Bob was holding the ladder and was ready to catch Waffles in case anything went wrong. 

Both Glogirly and Waffles made it down the ladder just fine.

Five minutes later, Waffles did it AGAIN. And Glogirly ran up the ladder again...

WAFFLES:  Can we do it again? Can we???

Here is our awesome neighbor and canyon cat guy, Bob, hanging the light.

And here's the new light fixture! It's a 'sputnik' design. The LED light comes out from the middle of it and illuminates those shards of acrylic. Cool!

Calendar and Donation Update
Thank you SO much to everyone who ordered one of our new calendars. Tuesday, December 4, was Colorado Gives Day and we donated a portion of each calendar sale to Angels With Paws Cat Rescue & Adoption Center. We chose them because they are a very small rescue organization devoted solely to cats and they rely soley on donations from private individuals like you. 

We've almost sold out of our first batch of calendars and have a few more arriving tomorrow. If you'd like to order one, we have a page set up with all the details about cost, donation info, and lots of pictures:   Katie & Waffles 2019 Desk Calendar.


  1. Wow, that is an awesome lighting fixture! Maybe Waffles wanted to help with it. Or not!

  2. Waffles sure is one adventuresome guy, but he really must lean how to come down ladders as well as go up! Your neighbour, Bob, sure is a cool guy, and clearly handy with electrics, too! All in all what a cool adventure, and whilst Waffles shone bright framed as it were in that portal, the light fitting really did take centre stage.

  3. OMD, Waffles, you're a daredevil!! I wouldn't have the courage to climb that ladder even ONCE. And what a fun bonding experience for you and Glogirly!

  4. Waffles! Sometimes being a daredevil cat is not a good thing. Crazy dude!

    That light fixture is AWESOME!

  5. ROTFL, if something is fun once, it's more fun the second time! Love the fixture.

  6. cool new light - that Waffles adventure will give you a heart attack though

  7. A day in the life of a crazy orange cat... I'm trying to leave a comment while Rufus the Red really really wants to help!
    Great photo series, Glogirly.
    Maggie, Rufus, and Mickey Mouser

  8. Ah Waffles... Leave it to you to scare your person...

  9. OH! That Sputnik lamp is DA BOMB! Purrfect!
    That Waffles, he's just not right, but charming nonetheless!

  10. Waffles! That's one way to get a Rocky Mountain high! (Cool light, too!)

  11. OMC!!! Waffles those mountains have gone to your head!!!! You aren't a mountain goat! And Glogirly, you are BRAVE! I don't think I ever could have done that! I would have been terrified!!! (but it made for a great photo op! lol). LOVE your new light fixture! xoxo

  12. Rags can UP with the best of them, but he doesn't DOWN, and just like GloGirly, da mama has to help. Must be another orinch thing.

  13. I like up high, but I haven't done a ladder. Mum keeps them out in the metal monster room. Mum wants to know, is that a picture of a penny blown up really big?

  14. He's such a cute character. Pretty light.
    Sue B

  15. That is one belly laugh kind of a post! Waffles, you are something else! Beautiful light and as always beautiful pictures.

  16. Oh boy, I would have had a heart attack seeing the cat up that ladder. When we just got my kitty we found her high up on our pantry closet door. The area she was sitting on was only about 1 inch wide, we got so scared, but got her down safely! Needless to say we took off that door and put a safer one on that she can't jump up on!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  17. We love your new light ! Waffles, you're like acting first, and thinking next : you're lucky that adrenaline helped Glogirly climb that ladder like a mountain goat to help you ! Purrs


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