Friday, July 27, 2018

Casablanca Cats

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful–

KATIE:  A beautiful case of mancat COOTIES! What are you doing, Waffles???

WAFFLES:  I'm doing my Humphrey Go-Cart impression. 

KATIE:  *sigh* 

WAFFLES:  Of all the milk joints in the world Boss, you walk into mine. 

KATIE:  You took the words right out of my mouth, Waffles. Oh, and good luck with that lactose intolerance of yours.

WAFFLES:  Lack toes? I'm not missing any toes, Boss.

KATIE:  You meet all kinds here.

About Today's Photos
If you've been with us since the way beginning, you might remember our TV and Movie Trip Saturdays, where we spoofed some of our favorite classics. Like Casablanca.

These photos were taken at the breakfast bar in our Minneapolis townhouse before we moved to Colorado. But they still crack us up. Every morning, Katie and Waffles would patiently sit on the stools while Glogirly was dishing up breakfast.

One day when she was downloading the photos, she couldn't help but think they looked like they'd bellied up to the bar. Casablanca had been on the late-night movie channel, and one thing led to another...

And About That Kiss...
Here's the original story on that epic Waffles & Katie Kiss Photo!

Parts of this post originally appeared on October 3, 2015 and have been edited.
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  1. Fun! 🐈 🐱 And, so is the backstory.

  2. Can you believe my human has never seen Casablanca in full? She keeps meaning to watch it, but hasn't gotten around to it yet.

    1. Wait a minute...WHAT?!? Please consider watching it from beginning to end, without's kinda fascinating for the time frame, WWII, the signature scenes. It's a must-see in my book, and is best when viewed with one's significant other too!

  3. hahaha.....yep, can't be too careful in those milk bars

  4. You'll always have Minneapolis? Just doesn't have the same ring as Paris!

  5. I do miss TV and Movie Trip Saturdays! This is a classic! Glogirly we have to get together for a great laugh! My god I love your humour! And you have great subjects!

  6. This is really awesome... I like your post and looking forward to it.. kinguser Poweramp leo playcard


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