Wednesday, July 18, 2018

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program

WAFFLES:  BOSS!!! The interwebs are broken! How am I going to chat with my girlfriends???

KATIE:  Don't know. Don't care. Take a nap.

WAFFLES:  Well that's not a very good answer, Boss.

KATIE:  Would it be a better answer if I meowed in ALL CAPS???


Whaddya Mean Our Interwebs Are Broken?
Today's blog post is coming to you live from Glogirly's Jeep, parked at the way top of our hill by the mailboxes. Why? The short answer is because a certain phone and internet provider that shall remain nameless *cough-cough-Century-cough-Link* is totally and completely inept. 

Here's the long answer - 
Because that phone and internet provider that shall remain nameless charges SO much for a landline that only gets used by annoying spam and marketing callers, Glogirly decided to go strictly with her cell phone and downgrade our service to internet only. Well after 45 minutes on the phone this morning to change our service and another 45 minutes tonight to figure out why we now have NO internet, it turns out they shut off ALL of our service. Way to go, phone and internet provider that shall remain nameless.

Without out internet signal, Glogirly cell phone doesn't have enough of a signal on it's own to go online and publish our blog post.

So she had to drive to a spot where she could pick up a couple of bars and use her cell phone as a personal hotspot to connect. 

Hopefully, we'll be back in business tomorrow. But we're not high fiving ourselves yet. It's going to require another couple of 45+ minute phone calls. 

Serenity now.


  1. I'm so sorry you're going through this but that 2nd pic of Waff made me cackle outloud!

  2. Oh, how frustrating! My human is so tethered to the internet, she would probably pack me up and go to a hotel with wifi.

  3. Oh dear! We hope you get it straightened out soon! Yes, those are GREAT pictures.

  4. Yikes! That is not good at all!
    We purr you can find a good solution.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. LOVE Katie’s response!!!!

    Aaaannd what a bummer. Hope you get sorted soon!

  6. Bummer ! We hope it get fixed very soon ! Maybe Katie could call them and tell them in ALL CAPS ? Purrs

  7. Oh how awful. Hope you get it back on soon.
    Sue B

  8. We ditched our home phone for the exact same reason, then decided to ditch the cable TV AND interwebs too, just to see how we'd survive on broadcast TV and using the cell phone for internet. It's been months and months, and we are doing great! Hope that you get it all straightened out, and do NOT be afraid to talk to a manager!

  9. Life in the boonies. As my husband keeps telling me - they don't give lots of service in areas where there are not lots of people. We have to keep a landline because the cell phone won't work well in the house due to the metal roof

  10. oh joy - the overwhelming dumb of service companies....hope you get back online soon

    1. oh dear God!! I feel your pain. Dealing with that is the worst! Make them give you a discount after their inept actions!

  11. Ugh. The mom says we're gonna be doing the same thing soon....we hope we don't have problems. Have you ever seen the mom when there's no internets? Not a pretty sight.

  12. Wow, what a hassle. I once called our service provider to cancel our service because we were moving out of state, I think it was Time Warner at the time. I gave them a date five days in the future but they cut it off less than a day later, which included my email address. I had not had time to change my email address with everyone and I was expecting some important emails. I called them but they couldn't reverse it and they couldn't access any emails I might have received before it was shut off.

  13. What a pain! We're sorry you're having these problems with your provider (and we use that term lightly, since they seem to be so inept). We hope you're up and running soon.

  14. We agree - painful. We too got rid of our landline, it seemed silly to have to pay for both and we just got hounded by telemarketers. Good luck - we hope you get back online again soon.

  15. ugh... reminds of the time another provider who shall remain nameless kept charging me late fees for tablets that I am not even using and should not have their own wifi - should only be active if I am near a wireless connection!

    Glad you were able to get a hotspot going with your cell phone. Maybe Waffles and Katie can pounce on the interweb spiders and send them to the home office of the provider who shall remain nameless.

    Howsumever, Happy Birthday Mom! -Katie Kat


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