Friday, May 25, 2018

Weekend-Ready with Cats & Watermelons

WAFFLES:  *uuuummmph* Man, this thing is heavy. How do those Harlem Globetrotter guys do it?

KATIE:  Waffles, what on earth are you doing???

WAFFLES:  This isn't regulation size, Boss. It's too big. I don't think I can shoot hoops with it.

KATIE: Shoot hoops??? Seriously? Waffles, it's a watermelon. Not a basketball. Oh,'re a CAT.

WAFFLES:  Wait! I've almost got it. Just have to dribble–

KATIE:  Waffles, the only thing you're capable of dribbling is food on your chin.

WAFFLES:  He shoots! He scores!

WAFFLES:  *AAAAAAAHHHH!* And the crowd goes WILD! 

WAFFLES:  Hey! Where'd the crowd go?

Watermelon is Officially In-Season
It's the big Memorial Day weekend here in the US. That means the watermelons are out in full force at the grocery store. Glogirly can't walk by the big green fruit without thinking about Waffles, the not-so-famous Harlem Globetrotter.

Today's pics are from Waffles' first watermelon encounter back when we lived at the Townhouse. Glogirly had just returned home from the market and her arms were so overloaded with grocery bags, she had to set the watermelon down on the floor before she could make it to the kitchen.

We'd heard that some cats like watermelon...but not quite like this.

This post was first published in 2015 and has been updated.


  1. MOL! I remember that tussle with the watermelon!

  2. Haha! My Baby Jude loved to eat watermelon. He would get this pitiful meow if his demands were not met!

  3. Waffles The Watermelon Champion.😻😸

  4. those are still some of our favorite pictures - that watermelon didn't stand a chance....hahaha

  5. That first photo is our all time favorite one of Waffles!

  6. I always loved these photos of Waffles with the Watermelon. He is fascinated with everything!

  7. WATERMELON!!!! Yummy yum YUM! I could eat it morning, noon and night! Waffles, wish you could roll one to me right NOW.

  8. Never had watermelon. Hmmmmm. Mommy? Can I try some? I mean, the next time you grocery shop.
    Waffles, you crack my Mommy up.
    Thank you.
    Mommy says you are welcome here any time for smiles and hugs!

  9. Waffles, the only thing going wild is you!

  10. Mum only buys the partial melons, never a whole one. Can't eat all of it before it goes bad.

  11. Waffles, it's okay.
    I bet you could dribble that watermelon if you really wanted to.
    Have a happy weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  12. At my house the pawrents leave a little of the red stuff on the rinds, then toss them into the yard so the raccoons and birds can enjoy.


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