Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Grass is Always Greener - Cat Furniture Wars

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, are you going to sit in the red chair?

KATIE:  No, I think I'll sit here in this green chair. 

WAFFLES:  Boss, you really need to get your eyes checked. We don't even have a green chair. 

KATIE:  I know, Waffles. To answer your question, YES. I'm sitting in the red chair. 

WAFFLES:  So how long are you going to sit in the red chair? 

KATIE:  Let me guess. You want to sit in the red chair. 

WAFFLES:  I thought you'd never ask, Boss. 

KATIE:  For the record, I didn't.

WAFFLES:  That looks like a really comfy pillow, Boss. 

KATIE:  You're kidding, right?

About Today's Photos
As long as Waffles is awake, he's got his eyes locked on Katie. Including whatever (or whoever!) she happens to be sitting on, laying on, or napping on. He's definitely a 'grass is always greener...' kind of cat. 


  1. I'm glad Binga only gets like this for photo shoots - I'd go mad if she were like Waffles, all the time!

  2. You really want everything like Katie, Waffles : eating, sitting, ..., right ? Purrs

  3. well if she's sitting on it, it MUST be comfortable

  4. This is Ernie and Wally to a T. Sometimes it's Ernie who wants Wally's spot...and other times it's the other way around.

  5. This has got to be another orange cat thing. Wherever Mickey Mouser settles down for a nap is the most choice spot in the house to Rufus the Red. His technique is to jump up and lay down (on Mickey) until poor Mickey moves to another location... where upon...
    Gorgeous photographs, Glogirly!

  6. Awww sorry Waffles but I really had to laugh. The blog and the expression on your face and Katies just purrfection.😻🐾🐾🐾

  7. dood....ewe knead a lite saber...due knot ask why.. ore for what....coz frank lee we dunno.... but they seem ta due de trix in star WARS.... sew may bee ~~~~~~~☺♥

  8. Ringo is the same way. Whatever they have MUST be better!

  9. Sometimes that happens at our house too.
    Sue B

  10. Our Benjamin does that to Frank. His fur sibling.

  11. Derby and I used to do that to each other too. He wanted to mooch one my space and at times I wouldn't move. I got sat on a lot.


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