Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Katie's Litter Box Shadow

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, are you done yet? 

KATIE:  A little privacy, please.

WAFFLES:  It's not like I've never seen you go before, Boss. 

KATIE:  I KNOW. Every time I go. There you are.  

WAFFLES:  No I'm not, Boss. I'm way over here. 

KATIE:  And three, two, one...

WAFFLES:  Do, do-do...

Like Katie's Shadow
Wherever Katie is, Waffles is close behind. Like a shadow, sometimes it seems he follows her every move. And the litter box is no exception. 

To date, he's never joined her while she's taking care of business, but sometimes he gets awfully close. Once Katie makes her exit, that's his cue. Whether he needs to go or not, he'll hop right in for the big dig. 

We're not sure if this is a territorial thing or just his usual curiosity. 

Do any of your cats do this? Katie wants to know. 


  1. Ugh! That would drive me nuts! Fortunately we really don't care who's in the litter box... although we all want to be first after it's been cleaned!

  2. Maybe it is a territorial thing.

  3. Because we are more than 2 in the warehouse apartment, our litter box issues are more about location, location, location. If they are all clustered together and hidden, it allows *some kitties* to bully other kitties and not let them conduct their, um, business. So Z-Girl is learning to spread them out for ease of access. NO ONE here checks out the others litter box inventory!! Waffles, we want to know what this is about!!

  4. Gemini would freak if one of the boys tried to follow her like that!

  5. You only have one box?? We have a pair that do that at my house too.

    1. We have three boxes. But that doesn't stop Waffles and his fascination!

  6. When Manny and CB first arrived, they did the tandem litter box thang, but since then, they are more independent of each other.

  7. Marie is often nearby to be first after I clean the litter box. She has also been known to cover Jenna's deposits since Jenna doesn't always do that.

  8. We don't do that here, but Angel Hercule did it from time to time after Angel Isis did her business. It's an orange boy thing maybe ? Purrs

  9. It's like when you go to a ball game and have to wait your turn in line. Waffles was just waiting patiently for his turn. I guess that's the best litter box to go to in the house. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  10. Ringo will sometimes follow Benny and wait near the box, but he doesn't always go in, so we think it's just part of their bromance. Unfortunately, Lucy will watch Sadie while she's in the box, waiting to pounce on her. We try and distract Lucy if this happens, because we don't need litter box avoidance problems.

  11. I'm so glad Lexy doesn't do that to me! And I don't do it to her, either. Although, she does watch me sometimes from afar. I think she's just being nosy.

  12. Well, Lugosi has to come in the bathroom with me in the morning, and with my son too. He will also bury anything that the other three did not cover to his satisfaction. But none of them watches any of the others while they take care of business.

  13. I like to do that to Wally. And yes, one time I actually got in the box with him. ~Ernie

  14. We're pretty laid back here and don't bother each other as a rule.
    Sometimes Julie will bother Georgia. Mum has to monitor this as Georgia is prone to constipation!(probably caused bu=y Julie)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  15. I'm glad I'm an only cat now, no one to bother me while in the box. However we do have two boxes. Plus I even try to not let mum see me do my bizzness. Although she did stand there and watch a few weeks ago. Can't a cat get some privacy?

  16. Love your photos. Hugs and Purrs.😻😻🐾🐾

  17. Yes! My new brother Rabbit will join whoever is in the box doing business. Especially Opie. Then after Opie leaves, Rabbit will bury the business. Rabbit has a very weird fixation with litter boxes. He even drags his favorite blanket into the box.


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