Friday, May 4, 2018

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program

WAFFLES:  We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post on account of we don't have any power or internet or Netflix or anything. Not even Amazon Prime movies.

KATIE:  So what does Netflix have to do with our blog, Waffles? Or Amazon for that matter?

WAFFLES:  I don't know. Glogirly was saying she had to read an old-fashioned book because the internets aren't working. Did you know there are books made out of paper??? 

KATIE:  Serenity now. Please let there be power soon. 

WAFFLES:  Maybe this isn't so bad. If all the frozen cat food all thaws out, we're going to have a FEAST!

Still No Power!
We got dumped with a very well-needed snow storm Wednesday night and Thursday. This time of the year, it's super wet and heavy. Well, super wet and heavy doesn't play nice with the power lines so most of our canyon has been without power for nearly 12 hours! 

Paws crossed! We should be back in business by midnight. 

We're back!!! Power was restored right before we went to bed last night. And now this morning, it's like a whole new world! Blue skies and sunshine. The snow is quickly melting and we're getting some of the moisture we so badly need. 

But the BEST part of today... Gloman is home! YAY! Snuggles for everyone!


  1. I hope you get power soon. The longest we ever went was three days. I have one word - BIG generator. I guess that is two words.

  2. Yes, generator. We keep one here in OK for the pet's comfort-not the human's. MOL!
    Hope everything is back to normal soon.

  3. I hope your power comes back soon. My human says she is never leaving the big city.

  4. We have lost power to snowstorms twice this Winter and it was cold!
    WE purr you have a generator and will get your power back soon!
    Time for big snuggles ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. That's never fun to be without power! here in Florida it's usually after a hurricane and it's so hot and humid. The longest we were without was 8 days after hurricane Charlie. We now have a small generator so at least our fridge stays on, and we can plug in a few fans while we sleep. My furbabies like to lay on the cooler tile floors when it's so hot like that.

    I think I'd rather be powerless in a colder area, because I hate the heat. (and you can always put tubs of snow in a cooler to keep things cold. The lack of internet tho, shudder!
    The worst part of no power is trying to get news and information. My transistor radio died a few months back and it was really difficult to find a replacement, there are a few on amazon, so I got a couple extras.

  6. Praying you get power soon! How did we ever live without the internet?!?

  7. Hope your power is on. Gosh I didn't realize these things happened. Hugs and Purrs.x

  8. Hopefully your power is back on now. What is this book made of paper that you speak of? I am intrigued. ;)

  9. YAY - snow, then sunshine plus Gloman!!

  10. Very glad the power is back. It just changes our entire world in seconds, doesn't it ? We also live in Florida, and mom gets anxious at the thought that we might lose power after a big storm.

  11. You're having quite an adventure! Glad you have power again.

  12. Sounds like the purrfect way to start the weekend!

  13. Glad all is now well for you including Gloman being home!

  14. Wow, Gloman caused the power to come back!

  15. Yay, the power is back and Gloman arriving.

  16. YAY! That is great news, but what I really want to know is........ how much food defrosted and are you having a party? And.... do I need to bring ice?
    Toodle pips and purrs

  17. Yay! Gloman is magical ... he's back, and so is your power!

  18. sounds like you need to invest in a whole house generator


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