Monday, May 14, 2018

Does our Mom Have Fur? Katie & Waffles' Mother's Day Conversation

KATIE:  Did you do something nice for Glogirly on Mother's Day, Waffles?

WAFFLES:  Glogirly is our mom? Because you know, she doesn't have fur or whiskers and her ears aren't pointy either. She's not even, you know... a cat.

KATIE:  Waffles, mothers come in all shapes and sizes. Some have fur, some don't. You and I, we have a lot in common with Glogirly when it comes to moms.

WAFFLES:  Did Glogirly's mom have fur too???

KATIE:  No, silly. That's not what I meant. You and I both had kitty moms. That's how we were born. Our kitty moms were there when we took our first breath and before our eyes were even open. 

Then, when we were a few weeks old, we were adopted.

WAFFLES:  Adopted?

KATIE:  That means Glogirly and Gloman chose us. To love with all their hearts, forever. 

When Glogirly was really little, just a baby, she was adopted too. Her mom and dad chose her.

WAFFLES:  To love with all their hearts? Forever?

KATIE:  Now you're getting it, Waffles.

WAFFLES:  So since she was adopted too, did she also have a kitty mom? 

KATIE:  Sort of. There was a brave young woman who knew she couldn't take care of Glogirly. Oh, she wanted to, she really did. She held her and looked into her eyes only once. And it was with the greatest of love that she gave Glogirly up so that a family could adopt her and take care of her forever.

WAFFLES:  So Glogirly had TWO moms that really loved her, just like us! And she's going to love us forever, right?

KATIE:  Forever and ever, Waffles.

Another Mother
Many of our long-time friends and readers have read Glogirly's memoir, Another Mother. It's the true story of how she found and met her birth family. A few years ago, we took a break from our blog and published a chapter every few days. It's still in blog-form, but is on Glogirly's bucket list as a story she hopes to turn into a book.

Since we have some new readers, and because it's just a story we love so much, we decided to share it again. Some of you have asked about the photo on the cover. It really is Glogirly's birthmother as a young girl. 

If you have some quiet time this week, we invite you to find a comfy chair, with at least one cat, and curl up with a story of discovery and love we hope will touch your heart. 

Happy Belated Mother's Day
We're dedicating today's post to mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, teachers, friends... to all the people who have inspired us to be true to ourselves, dream big and who've loved us unconditionally. 

This post was first published in 2017 and has been updated.


  1. My human read about Glogirly's birth mother when she first wrote the story, and she loved it. Lots.

  2. I love this story, and re-read it every year. thanks for sharing.

  3. I always love reading this story every year. I hope you do turn it into a book some day. I hope your Mother's Day was filled with lots of kitty kisses!

  4. I will read it. I am here every day since Admiral but somehow I missed that. And this loving blog today for Mother's Day...that's what it's all about.

  5. I read the story too I couldn't stop till I finished it and I think I will read it again such a wonderful although heart breaking at times,story. Hugs and Purrs to you all.xπŸ˜»πŸ’–πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎ

  6. What a wonderful post, Waffles and Katie! Z-girl says she can remember when she started reading the blog and then decided on one cold winter's evening to read as many of the chapters in one sitting as she could. Paws crossed that Glogirly can get to writing it in book form.

  7. That is always such a lovely story! Happy Monday today guys!

  8. What a wonderful story from Glogirly! We hope she had a great Mother's Day.

  9. We loved the Another Mom story and maybe it's time to reread it. I don't think of it as being adopted. I think of it as moving in with the peeps. As long as I'm not a squatter.

  10. We love this story, and we enjoy re-reading it every year ! Purrs

  11. Hope you had a wonderful day.
    Sue B

  12. this post is so special! I remember when you posted the series but i haven't read it for quite some time.......I think I am going to try and sit down and read it again this week. Thanks so much for sharing it again (((hugs))) catchatwithcarenandcody

  13. Ii purred on mum for her day and let her rest as much as she wanted to.

  14. You have so much love in your heart and it shows in everything you write. Waffles and Katie are indeed lucky that you and Gloman adopted them. What a beautiful family. Hemingway, Steinbeck and I send you purrs and hugs and hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

  15. Your story makes me is so beautiful Debbie...and so are you...Hugs


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