Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Blue One #WafflesWednesday

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, are you using this ottoman? 

KATIE:  Does it look like I'm using this ottoman?

WAFFLES:  Uh, no? 

KATIE:  There's another ottoman right behind you, Waffles. Immediate seating available.

WAFFLES:  But I like this one, Boss. The blue one.

KATIE:  You liking this one has nothing to do with it being pink, blue or any other color.

WAFFLES:  Pink? Wow, Boss. You need to get your eyes checked.

About Today's Photos
For compact, extra seating in our downtown apartment, we've got a couple of small cushy ottomans. One is yellow, the other blue. Each are coveted napping and grooming platforms. Two cats, two ottomans. Perfect, right? Wrong.

That is when it comes to Waffles. The only ottoman he's interested in is the one Katie is using. Katie is onto his tactics though and she's not afraid to stand her ground, or rather stand her ottoman.


  1. It's kind of the Binga Syndrome - she only wants what another kitty has.

    Well, she wants everything else too.

  2. Dig your claws in and stare him down until he goes away, Katie.

  3. Katie, we are glad you stand up for your ottoman!

  4. I love how serious Katie is !!

  5. Go Katie, teach the boy some lessons. #TeamKatie

    (whispering very softly)Waffles, Waffles............buddy don't tell anyone but I am with you, us boycats have to stick together. Just don't let the girlcats know I said that OK. #TeamWaffles. ~Yang

  6. Way to go Katie. Don't let that cute, little, adorable punk try to steal anything away from you. YOu were there first and everything is really yours.

  7. Katie and Waffles, it was so wonderful seeing you two last night. I remember those ottomans and can see how the blue one might be best. :) Katie, you are the queen and you have every right to choose the best seat in the house.
    Hemingway and Steinbeck's Mom

  8. mom is pretty sure it is a space continuity thing - where one cat is, the other must appear

  9. That is SUCH a boy thing. They are rude.

  10. dood, seriouslies. The best one is ALWAYS the one the stinky sister's on. She's got it preheated and EVERYTHING.

  11. Yeah, we're the same way...we always want what the other one has. :)

  12. Funny that we cats always want what the other cat has ;)
    Guess that's because we know it is cat approved!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  13. Um, yeah. That's how it works here, too! MOL!

  14. Yeah, Derby always had first dibs. So now I can go and do what I want since The Derbster is no longer here.

  15. You go girl,you're a tough cookie Katie,xx Speedy


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