Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Whose Pod is it Anyway? And a Special Glogirly Thank You

WAFFLES:  Don't look now...the Boss is coming and I bet she wants my blue pod.

KATIE:  YOU'RE blue pod??? Waffles, why is it that every pod in this house is yours? We've got more pods than you can count. Pink, blue, white, brown...and still, somehow they're all yours.

WAFFLES:  You forgot about the orange one, Boss.

About Today's Photos
One thing's for sure about Waffles - he's Katie's biggest fanboy. Whatever she has, he wants. Wherever she is, he wants to be.

We forgot to tell you this funny story about our road trip back from Minneapolis to Colorado. After a few hours in the car, we stopped for gas and bathroom breaks. That included Katie and Waffles. With the car doors safely shut, Glogirly reached around back to let them out of their Sleepypod carriers so they could explore the car and hopefully use the litterbox that sat in the far back of our hatchback.

Katie popped out of her pod right away and wasted no time taking care of her business.

Waffles jumped right out of his pod too. But instead of exploring the car, looking out the windows or venturing back to the litter box, he immediately hopped into Katie's pod and settled right in. He had no intention of getting out.

A Special Thank You From Glogirly
We're pretty sure you'd all agree with us that Cat Ladies (and Cat Guys too) are the best kind of people there are.

Last week the big BlogPaws Pet Blogging Conference took place in Myrtle Beach, SC. This was the first time in 5 years that Glogirly was not able to attend. She was definitely missing her cat blogging friends and apparently they knew it.

Yesterday when she picked up the mail she found the most wonderful surprise. It looked like a card, but she couldn't imagine who it would be from or who would even have our new address. When she opened it up and saw, "Wish you were here at Blog Paws! We miss you!" and special hand written notes from each of her cat blogging friends...well, let's just say there were lots of tears. We think it's safe to say this unexpected gesture of friendship and kindness touched her heart very deeply.

She immediately grabbed her Sharpies, made a big Thank You sign and took a selfie with her cat ears to share with her friends on Facebook.

P.S. Waffles has been laying either on or next to the card ALL day. It must be filled with lots of wonderful cat mojo. ...or just another thing he's decided to claim as his.


  1. Waffles. you are so silly wanting all the pods. It is nicer to share than hog all the goodies! That was a nice card and thank you!

  2. Maybe Waffles owns the world and we just don't know it

  3. I think Waffles and Binga must have some shared genes somewhere in their ancestry!

    That was so sweet of the cat blogging humans to send a card. My human and I got one too (a few hours later than you did - our postal carrier works evenings!), and we were also touched.

  4. Waffles is a rascal! We're sure they missed you at BlogPaws.

  5. Waffles, you stole the boss's Sleepypod? You're getting daring!

    We really did miss Glogirly and so many other friends at the conference this year, and we're so glad everyone was able to say so in a card. <3

  6. Waffles your a fun cat. Enjoy your day.
    Sue B

  7. Aw, that was sweet that they remembered you like that. And Ringo does the same thing, take the other cats' stuff.

  8. Waffles, you are just like Ernie. Anything I have, he has to have...usually while I'm still using it. Sheesh. ~Wally

  9. what's mine is mine and what is yours is mine too

  10. That's so sweet from your friends ! Purrs

  11. We wouldn't totally sleep in that thing
    Lily & Edward

  12. I'm lucky; I don't have to share or fight for what's mine.
    TW is very upset that she watched the cat ladies sign the card and wasn't told what it was.

  13. Our mom missed seeing Glogirly this year. She's looking forward to Kansas City next year.

  14. When I take the cats to the vet, they almost never come home in the carriers they arrived in. :)

  15. Waffles likes to share, but he thinks his share is bigger than everybuddy else! :)


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