Friday, May 19, 2017

Breaking Mews: A Snowy Sighting!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for this Special Report:


(okay, not really. This is just a cool stock photo we bought. But seriously, it could have been. Maybe.)
As some of you may have heard, on Thursday the GloHome™ was reported to be without power, without internet, and *gasp!* without Netflix.

Never fear, gentle readers, all is well.

Glogirly, Katie and Waffles are reported in stable condition, nice and warm inside.

And with 150 pounds of cat food in the freezer (plus one package of all-beef hot dogs for human consumption) they are well-equipped to weather the storm.

In fact, this reporter hears there's group cuddling happening by the fireplace.
Waff, dood, what gives? This intrepid reporter wants to know!  

Rest assured, regular programming will resume ... once Glogirly digs her way back to the front door.

Reporting live from Colorado, this is Field Reporter Faraday.
Now, back to you.


  1. May is over half over! This is crazy weather! It's also cuddling weather - stay warm!

  2. Stay warm! You must have a generator keeping all that food cold! It's summer here....

  3. What IS this with the snow story? It's 95 here in CT and my owner keeps brushing my fur telling me I have too much of it. And she'ss considering to shave Peaches. Help! We would like to escape the heat & see this cool "snow" you claim....please advise navigation directions to the white stuff.-- Paprika the Cat

  4. So glad you survived that horrible ordeal.

  5. Nice work, Faraday! Hope they have plenty of blankets and books to get through the no Netflix!

  6. Oh Farady thank you for the update! We are so worried about Glogirly, Katie and Waffles! That photo is HILARIOUS!! Probably today it is 70 there...we hope! Hoping her power is back!

  7. I hear the cat food is real meat. Glogirly can always cook some of that up over the open fire if she has to!

  8. Thanks for the update Faraday. We hopes they stay all warms and that all that white stuff melts soonest.

    Hot dogs roasted on the fire are good. Things can be kept cold in the snow, like milk and such if the cold box is getting warm.

    Mum says time to think about an emergency generator. Auto kicks in if the power goes out.

  9. How funny. A guest post by Faraday. We're happy to see his report and know you are all safe.

  10. Just as well you had your supplies in.Gosh at first I thought it was Glogirly in the snow happy you were all safe and sound inside.x🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾😻

  11. Extra cuddle time is good any time of the year, right? Still, crazy weather. Thank you so much for the report, Faraday! (You could totally rock cable news with far more responsible reporting than we're getting nowadays!)

  12. I am falling off my chair in fits of giggles at the picture alone, and Faraday sneaking in with a report (how cool is that dude).

    PS on NetFlix did you see The Expanse yet? Try it.

  13. Thanks for the 411, Faraday. We can hardly believe Glogirly, Katie and Waff got that much snow this late in May. Yikes!

  14. Such a crazy weather this year. Stay warm!


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