Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Waffles Tries Out His Pick Up Lines

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, you come here often? 

KATIE:  Seriously? You're going to use that line on me?

WAFFLES:  Ok. How about this - can I get your digits so we can FaceTime? 

KATIE:  Waffles, you're already in my face ALL the time. The last thing I need to do is FaceTime you. And mitts off my digits.

WAFFLES:  Snapchat?

KATIE:  Waffles...

WAFFLES:  Man, picking up chicks is hard.

KATIE:  Waffles, you've got a lot to learn about girl cats.

WAFFLES: So what am I supposed to say? 

KATIE: Well, you should say nice things. Compliment her. Tell her you like her fur... 

WAFFLES:  Ok. I like your fur.

KATIE:  Waffles, you need to romance it. "I love your furs... how do you keep them so silky-soft?" 

WAFFLES:  Thanks, Boss. I lick them everyday. 

KATIE:  No Waffles, you're supposed to ask ME how I keep MY fur so soft. 

WAFFLES:  But I already know. You lick yours like elebenty billion times a day. That's why you cough up all those nasty hairballs that Glogirly steps in and–

KATIE: Waffles... if you want to impress the ladies, do NOT bring up hairballs. Ok, let's try this again. Just say, "Hello, my name is Waffles. What's your name?"


KATIE:  Take it down a notch, Waffles. A little lower.

WAFFLES:  *low voice* Hello, my name is Waffles.''

About Today's Photos
Glogirly has taken pictures of Waffles at the kitchen counter before. She's taken pictures of Katie at the kitchen counter too. But getting BOTH Katie and Waffles at the kitchen counter together is a rarity.

It was about 4:45pm. Katie and Waffles were getting ready to get ready for dinner. Glogirly was emptying the dishwasher when she looked up and saw what you see in that first photo. She's learned to always keep her camera close so she grabbed it and started shooting. There was plenty of grumbling about the light too. Something about bright daylight from the windows behind and harsh light above from the kitchen pendants.

Katie and Waffles didn't care. They didn't even care that they were sitting just inches apart. All they cared about was that it was now 4:59pm and dinner was about to be late. 


  1. One of these days Glogirly is going to find Waffles and Katie all curled up together in ONE POD thingie. Then the world will end

  2. What's with humans, taking photos when they are supposed to be serving dinner? And what's with the 5 PM serving time? We don't get fed until like 6:30!

  3. I swear Katie makes the best faces.... I know I've said it before, but you take such great photos Glogirly

  4. Poor Katie ... she's got that look of total disdain and "Look what I have to put up with" down pat. Bear is never amused when I whip out the camera when he's ready to get down to the meal business. But some of our best pictures happen WHILE he'e waiting!!! ;)

  5. Hysterical! Dinner cannot be late. Waffles you are such a stud but do listen to Katie. She's all woman you know! 'I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!'

  6. All comments here are so much fun to read!

  7. Oh Waffles, you are such a stud muffin mancat. I think your handsome good looks and Waffly charisma will work wonders on the lady cats no matter what you day.

  8. MOL! Waffles, you have sooooo much to learn! Hope your dinner wasn't late!

  9. I need a Glogirly here to help me take pictures. These guys are impossible, so is the winter light *sigh*

  10. MOL! Sometimes you gotta take the pictures when you can get them...good lighting or not. And those are good ones! :)

  11. we can SO imagine that conversation....

    when mom lived at home, they had an island in the kitchen with seats. the orange kitty at the time (Butterscotch) would sleep on the chairs and every so often peek his head over to make sure he wasn't missing anything :)

  12. MOL Waffles ! You're a cat ladies magnet, but you have so much to learn about lady cats ! Purrs

  13. Katie, you are so beautiful. You and Waffles are such a cute "couple". We know you aren't, but you sure do look great sitting so close together. You with your shiny black and white coat and Waffles with his orange fur.

  14. Good job Waffles. Tell her you like her long hairy legs too
    Lily & Edward

  15. Compliment her beautiful green eyes and tell her how beautifully she sits.

  16. "Waffles, you're already in my face all the time." Bwahahaha!

  17. it looks like they might have wanted to place a take out order :)

  18. Waffles will always have two left paws when it comes to the ladies. Wait, he naturally has two left paws!.Hmmm. Waffles, you don't want to date your sisfur, so just leave it!

  19. You eat at 5:00 pm? We eat at 8:00 PM! Can you believe this??? Oh, and Waffles, your pick up lines are getting better!

  20. Waffles, I have lots of girl cats that would love to date you.


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