Monday, August 22, 2016

Loving our Veterinarians #Cat2VetDay

WAFFLES:  Hey Boss, it's Take Your Cat to the Vet Day. We should go!

KATIE:  Yeah.... NO.

WAFFLES:  Why not? It'll be fun!

KATIE:  Waffles, we were just there. Let's not wear out our welcome.

WAFFLES:  But it's Take Your Cat to the Vet Day, Boss. We have to go! 

KATIE:  Waffles, what matters is that we remind everyone how important it is to see their vet regularly. 

WAFFLES:  Why? Is it so the vets don't get lonely and stuff and miss us?

KATIE:  Waffles, you do know that Dr. Karlin's world doesn't revolve around you, right? 

WAFFLES:  Yeah, but every time I see her she makes me feel like it does. 

Don't let your vet miss you.
Schedule a wellness check today.
It's true. We love our vets. In fact at one point, Waffles wanted to marry Dr. Karlin. His hopes were dashed though when he realized that not only was she taken, she was seeing untold numbers of other cats. But that hasn't stopped him from flirting. Or amassing more vet tech girlfriends than he can count.

In all seriousness though, we're very passionate about the importance of regular veterinary visits. Living healthy, happy and long lives with our forever families is what it's all about. Waffles is four years old, generally very healthy and he sees the vet once a year. Katie is approaching 12 years old and is now considered a senior cat so she see's the vet twice each year for her wellness visits.

4 Reasons Routine Vet Vists Are SO Important 
1.  Cats age more rapidly than humans
2.  Cats are masters at hiding illness
3.  Over half of cats are overweight or obese
4.  Preventative care is far more effective & less costly than reactive care

A New Vet in the Family
We recently visited a new holistic vet who we absolutely adore. (Ok, it's probably Glogirly who's doing most of the adoring.) Katie was recently diagnosed with early stage kidney disease. It's this that prompted Glogirly to seek help from a vet trained in both traditional western medicine as well as eastern "holistic" medicine.

Dr. Sue from the Cat Care Clinic in Mahtomedi, MN has been extremely helpful in guiding us on nutrition and in particular has already made a big difference in Katie's health and treatment plan.

Katie is doing great... please don't worry a whisker about her. As we understand it, nearly 30% of all cats will develop kidney disease at some point in their lives. There is no cure, but with appropriate treatment and nutrition, many cats are able to live long, healthy, happy and even symptom-free lives.

We're very excited to share much more with you about our holistic consultation and visit in a future blog post.

Do you love your vet?
If you're not happy with your vet, maybe it's time to shop around. We have a feeling there are lots of Dr. Karlin's and Dr. Sue's out there. It just might take a little looking. 


  1. I get to have a vet visit this week, because as a therapy cat, I need a booster rabies shot and I'm combining it with the regular checkup they also require. Everybody here visits the vet regularly, in fact, and all the senior panels have been done this year for my old-as-dirt roommates. (I hope Binga didn't hear that.)

  2. We are so far away from the Vet we wait for him to travel through each year. unless we have an emergency like certain tuxie cats thinking they are stronger than a car.

  3. We're with Katie..... We don't want to wear out our welcome...... But we do get our wellness checkups.

  4. We're in transition to a new vet, too! The head peep is a lot more excited about our all-feline vet than we are (who gets excited about vets?), but Pierre admits visiting her was better than seeing the vet with all the dogs everywhere.

  5. We have a wonderful vet we visit.
    Sue B

  6. We agree it's very important that your cat visits the vet regularly! Just wish it wasn't so much for us dogs! Mom says to tell you we passed the Acrocats van parked right in our neighborhood last weekend. Love Dolly

  7. mom loves our vets - even if they can be tough to get into sometimes. (we think they are nice, but not THAT nice)

  8. We love our vets. Even tho we moved across town now from them, we will continue to go there because we know and trust them. We're so sorry Katie has kidney disease, but you are right not to panic. Our previous kitty battled that disease also and with hydration therapy every so many days, she did really well. Just take it one day at a time M says.

  9. We wish we had a holistic vet near us. We like our vet, but sometimes a non-traditional approach to medicine can help. Glad to hear Katie is doing well.

  10. Waffles wait til Doc-ula pulls out the needle that's bigger than you
    Lily & Edward

  11. I'm glad the holistic vet worked out! Waffles is quite the ladies man ... though I can't think of any higher endorsement for a vet than a cat who WANTS to go to the vet ;)

  12. So happy for you that the holistic vet helped you!!! The pictures are so nice and clear. Keep sharing more.

  13. TW loves our vet. I guess she's better than any of the others I've seen. Her husband loves my blog and shares my FB posts so I guess they're pretty cool.

  14. Our VET is pretty nice and the techs are wonderful!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. We love our Vet too Katie & Waffles..her name is Dr. Susie!

  16. Maggie and Rufus the Red love our vet- Mickey Mouser, not so much. Our vet's practice is all cat, so there isn't any waiting room trauma. We are glad Katie is doing well and look forward to learning about her treatment.

  17. OMD, my dogtor is the very BEST! She gives cookies like there's NO tomorrow.

  18. We're glad to have a good vet. We visit him once a year, but we cannot say we like it as you do, Waffles. Purrs

  19. We need to get Mudpie in for her annual check-up next month. I'm so glad you went to a holistic vet for Katie in addition to your regular doctor. I did the same with Angel Tara.

  20. Sorry to hear about Katie but I am glad that you found someone who you feel can manage it. We adore our Vet and are blessed to have him, but based on today's post you wouldn't think so! MOL! catchatwithcarenandcody

  21. Great post, vet care is important. I am glad Katie is getting the help she needs.

  22. We see total sense in a holistic vet. 100%. Our acupressure book by Deanna S Smith says the Ancient Chinese Medicine treated the whole body not just an area of illness. Katie is in the best hands,

  23. We love our vet. She's smart and compassionate, and all-around great.

  24. "she makes me feel like it does. " oh that gets me right in the feels!

    So what did the new vet recommend for Katie's kidneys?


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