Monday, August 8, 2016

Postcards from the Cats - Day 6

Dear Glogirly,

So I really appreciate you leaving your bed unmade, just the way I like it, but somekitty doesn't seem to understand that it's really a one-cat bed. And for the record, the cat sitter is no help at all.

Sure, she's learning about how important punctuality is when it comes to mission critical meal service. But she actually thinks it's somehow cute finding an orange intruder in your bed. 

All I can say is you're going to want to wash the sheets when you get home. Presoak. Heavy duty. HOT.

– Katie

While Glogirly's Away,
There's Shenanigans at Play
WAFFLES:  Want to play in the sheets, Boss?

KATIE:  What. With you?

WAFFLES:  Ok, let's play Tag!

KATIE:  Tag? Yeah, let's not. 

WAFFLES:  Too late. You already said yeah. TAG! You're IT!

Counting the Days...

Thanks for visiting us while Glogirly & Gloman are vacationing in Iceland. Our cat sitter is taking great care of us... though the food portions are a bit scant. Nothing a few sad and pleading looks can't take care of though.

We hope you're enjoying our vacation postcards.

We'll be back to our regular programming soon!


  1. While Glogirly's away, the Waffles will play...

  2. I'd be careful if I were you Waffles....

  3. That doesn't look like a good idea, Waffles!

  4. Katie, after your humans' vacation, I think you are going to need a Waffles vacation!

  5. Dear Katie ... tell Waffles to hide and not come out until you find him ;) He's not going to entirely listen but it should give you some peace for a little while.

  6. Katie, it sounds like you really have your hands full trying to keep Waffles in line while Glogirly is away.

  7. Katie, maybe you should just stay under those sheets away from Waffles.

  8. So much more fun to have while they are away. When's the shindig?
    Lily & Edward

  9. ICELAND!? Won't you have cold enough winter soon? You northerners really do LOVE the cold don't you!
    I hope you are having the times of your lives. enjoy!!

  10. You two are always a stitch! Never a dull moment in your house! Hope your humans are having a great time - then they had better get back home to you two!!!!

  11. Oops ! We don't think touching Katie is a good idea, Waffles, even with the sheet in-between. Purrs

  12. I love mum's bed to snuggle in, she doesn't have to be there, but that makes it better if she is.


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