Friday, August 26, 2016

MISSION SNICKERS - Finding a Forever Home

KATIE:  Are you ready for Mission Snickers, Waffles? 

WAFFLES:  You mean like stealing candy bars and stuff from the kitchen cupboards? Do I get to wear the cable thing and hang from the ceiling like Tom Cruise?

KATIE:  Waffles, you've been watching way too much TV.

WAFFLES:  So the mission isn't about snacks?

KATIE:  This is about finding our friend Snickers a forever home. Not snacks.

WAFFLES:  Are you sure? Maybe Snickers wants snacks too.

KATIE:  *sigh*

Dear friends and readers, we need your help. Glogirly's close friend Lori is searching for a loving forever home for her sweet cat, Snickers. She's heartbroken to have to do this, but in order to give Snickers a chance at a happy life filled with peace, love and wand toys, she knows this will be the best thing for him.

Lori adopted Snickers from the county shelter in Big Lake, Minnesota where she was working last year. She worked for the sheriff's office who managed the small shelter. She got to spend a lot of time with the animals in their care and quickly fell in love with Snickers.

He was so friendly and outgoing, not only to people but to the other cats and dogs in the shelter. For some reason, he was overlooked time and again by people wanting adopt a cat.

A little background...
Lori loves all animals, but the bulk of her experience is with German Shepherds. She's an experienced trainer and even did search and rescue with her dog Turbo, before an unexpected and aggressive cancer took him from her a couple of years ago. Shortly after, she took in another shepherd named Dodge. We don't know much about Dodge's background other than he was found as a young stray on the streets of Kansas City. A Minnesota German Shepherd rescue connected him with Lori and she began fostering him and soon adopted him. She's been working very hard with Dodge, training him and creating a home where he feels safe.

Her previous dog Turbo loved cats and since Snickers did well with dogs at the shelter, Lori decided to open her heart and home to this sweet tabby boy. Sadly, things are not good between Dodge and Snickers. It's hard to know how much of Dodge's unknown background might be a factor, but he's a very reactive dog and has shown aggression towards Snickers. Lori has tried every training technique she can think of. She's asked other experts for advice, she's given it time and patience. But nothing has worked. Dodge is still exhibiting aggression, Snickers is terrified of him and Lori is scared that Dodge might harm Snickers.

Snickers hanging out on his favorite scratcher.

Fortunately Lori has her home set up so that Snickers has the full run of the upstairs where Dodge is not allowed. She has secure gates set up and also has Dodge crate trained. His crate is located on the main floor out of sight from the upstairs. Dodge has responded well to training in all ways except for Snickers. He's approaching 125 pounds which is even more than Lori weighs.

It breaks Lori's heart, but she she knows that the best thing for Snickers is to find a loving home for him away from the stress and potential danger of Dodge. She even considered finding a new home for Dodge, but knows that he really needs someone like her who can continue to work with him and make more progress on training and behavior.

Window watching!
About Snickers - The Sweetheart Cat  
Glogirly visited Lori and Snickers earlier this week so she could get to know him and take photos.

It took less than 30 seconds for Snickers to start loving on Glogirly. He purrs like a steam engine and loves to head butt. He doesn't have a shy bone in his body and absolutely adores people. Even new people. Lori had a couple of college interns boarding with her for a short period of time and Snickers took to them right away.

  • Snickers is four and a half years old, neutered and microchipped.
  • He is not declawed and loves his cardboard scratchers. He's never scratched a single piece of furniture. (Kudos to Lori for providing him what he needs to get his scratching fix!)
  • Snickers is an indoor-only cat, but also enjoys supervised outings out on the deck and the fenced-in backyard.
  • He's current on all of his vet needs, though he does need to lose some weight which Lori has been working on with her vet.
  • Snickers likes sleeping with Lori, but she's allergic to cats and can't have him up near her head. He has no problem listening to her when she tells him to go to the foot of the bed. (smart kitty!)
  • Snickers and Lori are currently located in Big Lake, Minnesota which is about 45 minutes west of Minneapolis. 

Snickers enjoying the outdoor deck and breeze with his favorite spring toy.
If Glogirly knew that Katie could handle another cat, we'd be telling you about how Snickers was now living with us. Unfortunately, Katie's health problems are exacerbated by stress and she's had some recent complications that have required Glogirly to find ways to reduce her stress. At least for now, a new furry family member sadly doesn't fit into that scenario.

This is where we need your help
Social media is powerful. And so are you. You never know who might be reading or looking. A friend may know a friend who knows a friend. We're asking our friends and readers to help get the word out about Snickers so we can find him the perfect forever home. Please share this blog post or posts from our Facebook Page and Twitter profile with your friends and social media groups.

If you or someone you know would like to know more about Snickers or set up a meet and greet, please contact Lori or Glogirly via email.

♥︎ thank you ♥︎ 


  1. Oh Snickers! What a handsome cat you are - I'm sure you will have no trouble in finding a new human to purr up against!

  2. That's so sad. I hope that with your help, Snickers has a new home quickly!

  3. What a sad story. He's seems like such a sweetheart. He makes me think of my Kiki. She loved headbutts too. I hope he finds a loving forever home. Don't forget to screen the people well if you don't know them. I'm sure you'll be careful about that. It looks like he is very much loved. All the best sweetheart. Keep us posted.

  4. We shared everywhere to try and help. Snickers is a great kitty, this mission will be accomplished. I feel awful for Lori, opening your home and heart to animals comes with heartbreak. She's a good person, I'm sorry she had to make this difficult decision.

  5. What a sweetie! Sending purr prayers he finds his new home soon!

  6. What a sweetheart! I know how stressful it is when the two things you love most in the world just can't get along. I hope he finds the safe, loving home he deserves.

  7. Sending pawsitive thoughts and prayers for Snickers to find the right home where he can live a happy life ful of love and wand toys. Sending hugs and support to Lori to help her cope with what she has to do. I know your pain. Giving up a cat I loved because she wouldn't fit in to my existing cat family was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. My heart still hurts and it's been 9 months. But I know she is where she is supposed to be, living life as a happy, only diva kitty. May you find comfort in your heart knowing you're giving Snickers the best gift you can give him. ❤️❤️

  8. Such a sad situation, we will cross our paws that Snickers can find a new home.

  9. Hope he finds a forever home. Shared.
    Sue B

  10. We're sorry to hear this...we know your friend Lori must be heartbroken to have to find Snickers a new home, but sometimes it is for the best. We purr that he can find a new home quickly.

  11. This is such a sad story for Snickers and Lori. She of course has made a very difficult decision but one that is ultimately best for both animals. I'm hoping that with all the power of the cat network Snickers in a wonderful new home very soon. He looks like a total love bucket! We'll share his story!

  12. so sweet....we know Lori is doing the best thing to keep Snickers safe.

  13. The Woman says if I wouldn't try to kill myself if she brought another cat home, she'd drive up there and get Snickers. What a love bug.

  14. Find that cute love bug a home before the woman keeps her
    Lily & Edward

  15. That's so sad ! And so hard for Lori and Snickers ! We hope that with your help he finds a new home very soon. Purrs

  16. dood.....we send de best oh fishes two ewe that ya findz & ewe R IN
    ....yur new forevers bye de end oh de month....heerz hopin yur new
    sum ones reedin yur storee rite now & they R makin planz two adopt
    ewe ♥♥♥♥♥

  17. That is very sad for Lori and Snickers. I hope he soon gets his new forever home.

  18. It's so wonderful of you to help Snickers find a new home. I hope the little sweetheart finds his forever family very soon.

  19. Poor Lori and Snickers. It sounds like she's done everything she could to keep Snickers. I hope she can find the purrfect forever home for Snickers to go to.

  20. I pray Snickers gets a home. It makes me angry to read this though because I would ditch the dog because he is clearly the problem.

  21. This had me in tears. Of course we will do our best, Lori has my utmost respect in being brave enough to find a new home for Snickers under the circumstances. We will share and schedule tweets. If Miss GloGirly and Lori need an extra post we would be happy to help but in the meantime we will share for the boy.

    As we say on our Facebook page "Remember - don't just sit and wring your hands, don't write a comment saying 'Oh dear Poor baby' either do something or button your lip." If you need any extra help Miss Debbis has our email.

    Dusty Cat and the Dash Kitten Crew.


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