Friday, August 5, 2016

Postcards from the Cats - Day 3

Dear Glogirly,

So are you SURE you left enough food for me and the Boss while you're on vacation? 

And are you SURE the cat sitter knows how much I eat everyday? 

And are you SURE she knows where we keep all the food and stuff?

Maybe we should just put ALL the food on the kitchen counter. Yeah, that's it. On the kitchen counter. Opened. With the lids off. You know, just to make it easy for her.


WAFFLES:  So Boss. I'm going to get the cat sitter to put ALL the food out on the kitchen counter. Are you in?

KATIE:  Are you kidding? You're just going to eat it all. And then where will we be?

WAFFLES:  Uh, right here. In the kitchen.

KATIE:  So I'm supposed to trust you that you won't eat all the food? Including all of MY food?

WAFFLES:  I wouldn't eat all of your food, Boss. 

KATIE:  Uh huh.

WAFFLES:  So if I eat some of your food, that's not all of your food. 

KATIE:  Define 'some.'

Counting the Days...

Thanks for visiting us while Glogirly & Gloman are vacationing in Iceland. Our cat sitter is taking great care of us... though the food portions are a bit scant. Nothing a few sad and pleading looks can't take care of though.

We hope you're enjoying our vacation postcards.

We'll be back to our regular programming soon!


  1. I really doubt that either of you two are starving. Despite Waffles' complaints

  2. Waffles, one of these days you're going to push Katie over the line (yes, yes, you ask WHAT line ... and that's the problem) and she's going to strategically bat you across your nose. Or wait. I bet she's ALREADY done that ... more than once ... today.

  3. Waffles you're going to come unstuck one day,hope the food portions get better soon,xx Speedy

  4. I wonder if Binga and Boodie are getting their fair share of food while I'm gone...

  5. It's obvious you two are starving... We hope the food portions get bigger (or that you get more treats). Purrs

  6. We like that food plan and love reading your postcards! We think you can work your magic to get more food!

  7. That's an interesting plan. Do you think Glogirly and the sitter will go for it?

  8. we have no doubts that you can convince the pet sitter to give up something else :)

  9. Hope the Glopeeps are having a wonderful adventure in Iceland.
    The close up of Waffles needs to be a caption contest.
    Whatever he may be saying, I just know it's in Bert Lahr's (Cowardly Lion) voice...
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  10. Waffles? are you saying your pet sitter needs a pet sitter? :)

  11. That is a good plan, but can you convince the pet sitter?

  12. Something tells us that the sitter is treating you both very very well. :)

  13. We bet your cat sitter is taking great care of you, Katie and Waffles. :)

  14. If you get too hungry, give us a call and we'll have Mom bring some more food. We're not that far away! MOL!!! Enjoy your townhousecation and don't break anything. Purrs and soft paw pats to you both. Hemingway and Shakespeare

  15. Just look cute and the sitter will probably give you treats!
    Have a super weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  16. I think you have the pet sitter exactly where you want her!! Hehe!! We hope the Glopersons are having a terrific vacation!! xx


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