Monday, May 2, 2016

What's the Craziest Thing YOUR Cat Does?

WAFFLES:  Do I look weird, Boss? Well, do I??

KATIE:  Seriously? That's like asking if the sky is blue or if you like chicken. 

WAFFLES:  So that's a yes then, right?

KATIE:  It's a yes, but the real question is why?

WAFFLES:  I'm giving our friends at Zee & Zoey my weirdest cat habit for a new book they're publishing.

KATIE:  Well you're certainly not short on weird, Waffles. In fact I'm thinking you could fill a book the size of War & Peace.

WAFFLES:  We could name it Waffles & Katie!

KATIE:  You mean Katie & Waffles. For the record, I don't have any weird habits. Living with you is weird enough for me. But I suppose you need help figuring out what to submit for the book.

WAFFLES:  Can you think of anything I've ever done that's weird?

KATIE:  Really?

Litter Room Looting
KATIE:  Well there was the time you turned our litter room into a crime scene. You ripped through those bags like they were buckets of chicken. I don't know what was worse, the litter carnage on the floor or the deconstruction toilet paper art you left in our litter box.

WAFFLES:  Glogirly says I'm really creative.

KATIE:  I don't think creative was her word of choice that morning.

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The Powder Room Obsession

KATIE:  And then there's the whole powder room thing.

WAFFLES:  I like my quiet time. That's not weird.

KATIE:  Ok for starters, shutting yourself in the powder room repeatedly is most definitely weird. You go inside, stand up on your back legs and shut the door.

WAFFLES: Yeah. So?

KATIE:  Then you make all sorts of noise in there. Meowing, chortling...

WAFFLES:  I'm signing.

KATIE:  You mean yowling. And then when Glogirly goes to let you out (for the hundredth time) you're just sitting in there on the toilet lid staring at us.

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What's the Silliest, Funniest, Weirdest Thing YOUR Cat Does?
Here's your chance to share a little crazy with the rest of the world. Our friends at Zee & Zoey are taking submissions for their newest book and they're waiting with bated tuna breath to hear from you.
It's super easy. Just write a a few sentences (75 words or less) describing either the weirdest habit your cat has (or had – this can be an angel cat too), OR the weirdest habit YOU have as a result of being a cat parent. Look out Glogirly, this has YOUR name on it too!

Then email your story to Zee & Zoey at for consideration.

For more information about submissions and the upcoming book, visit Zee & Zoey's Got Cat Weird.

Before You Go...
What Do YOU Think We Should Submit?
Vote for your favorite or if we've missed something, just let us know in the comments!


  1. Waffles isn't weird, he's endearing. Although there is his singing in hotel rooms. Or his getting under the covers with any strange woman he meets, or climbing the curtains at parties. Should I go on?

  2. Hm. My human says I do LOTS of weird things! Just because I love hotel rooms more than she does and wear dresses without complaint. She should be GLAD for these things instead of thinking they are weird.

  3. Waffles is endearing but he still does strange things!

  4. MOL... well you had me at meow! I love both submissions, although I have to admit (just don't tell my Zoey) she does the same weird thing with shutting doors... not with as much style as Waffles, however!!

    I love the cat litter crime scene too!! How the heck is an author to decide?

    Thank you so much for writing this wonderful post - I do hope lots of people will participate. My feeling is simple - if we can let the world know just how fun, wonderful, silly, and charming cats can be, maybe more of them will be adopted into furever homes!

    I hope to hear from a lot of cat lovers... and don't forget, if you as a human have a strange habit as a result of loving your cat (you know you do) I'd love to hear that too!!

    Love and purrs from Deb and the Zee & Zoey cat gang!!

  5. Waffles you are never boring. Have a great week.
    Sue B

  6. gotta keep Glogirly on her toes :)

  7. Ichiro is a door shutter so we don't think that's weird. That's just cat stuff!

  8. I immediately thought of you getting yourself locked in the bathroom :)

  9. We thought that was your impression of Jim Carey in Pet Detective
    Lily & Edward

  10. Your weirdness makes us happy Waffles..ahh..except maybe not Glogirly when she saw the litter thing...

  11. We had an upset in the bathroom this morning when Mum wanted to empty the litter tray - it's a clumping cat litter so apart from scooping out the litter and disposing of it once or twice a day there is nothing to do apart from washing the tray and refilling with further clumping litter once a week (sometimes it needs to be topped up but not often).

  12. Your funny activities make us smile, Waffles ! The litter room looting deserves our admiration. Purrs

  13. There was no category for BOTH. MOL! Seriously, Waff.

  14. OMG my orange cat Jean Pierre is the only one of my 6 cats that shuts the doors! The other 3 open them, but only Jean Pierre closes. But not to destroy anything. He's letting me know hes upset that I'm ignoring him and not spending quality time during his golden years. I make up for it by asking if he wants to go outside--onto the balcony where we sit and enjoy the fresh air and view and I stroke him. Yup he loves that! that's our make up love!

    Waffles is not weird. He just loves to be center of attention and be around women and party. Are you sure he's not from Miami? haha!

  15. Ernie has too many weird quirks. The mom can't decide which one we should submit. We think Waffles should submit both the powder room obsession and the litter room looting.

  16. You know, I've been wracking my brains and I can't think of a single thing Mudpie does that qualifies as weird! Must keep thinking...

    1. Ahem... not to speak out of line, Melissa, but I am also asking for submissions from the people who love cats - have you done anything crazy for the love of your cat? I'm willing to wager you have! Stop by my blog post where I share one of my weird habits!!

  17. Waffles, you're such a character that you must have more than two quirky things you do that qualify to enter in the book!

  18. Too funny! Can't wait to see all the weird antics in her book!

  19. Waffles, your quirkiness is great, and we love ya, buddy!

  20. Can you send them both? Mom says she will need to put on her thinking cap for this one. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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