Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Virtual Vacation from Waffles #TuxieTuesday

KATIE:  Oh, hello. Would you believe today's #TuxieTuesday post is the second Waffles-free zone in two weeks? 

KATIE:  Considering he's been part of the Townhouse, ok... family, for nearly three long years now, it's frankly about time he start sleeping through Tuesdays.

KATIE:  The sunrises are sunrise-ier.

KATIE:  The fetch toys are fetchier.

KATIE: And the naps are nappier.

About Today's Photos
Each of today's photos are from what just might be Katie's biggest highlight in all of her nine lives. They're from the vacation we took earlier this year in northern Minnesota. Oh, the relaxing bliss of a townhouse on the shore of Lake Superior. 

Katie was in her element. It was her first time away from when vets and needles weren't involved. And she was in heaven. 

We hope to go on another one of these getaways again someday. Of course, Waffles would come too. Katie's got to have someone to boss around. 

In case you missed all the fun, it's not too late to go back catch up on our vacation posts. Lots of fun photos... even some with Katie and Waffles outside discovering what the sights and sounds of the second biggest lake in the world.


  1. Oh! I was hoping it meant you won the trip to BarkWorld.

    1. Oh, sorry Patty!!! We changed the headline so people would think that. We haven't heard anything yet though. They've not made any announcements. Paws crossed!

  2. That was a fun vacation! I do hope you get to go to Barkworld, Katie - even though I won't be there, I'd still love to see your adventures here!

  3. That vacation really did look like a lot of fun. And we're still crossing our paws that you'll win that trip to BarkWorld, Katie. That would be a REAL vacation from Waff, and a big adventure, too!

  4. Katie sweetie, you milk tuxie Tuesday for all you can. Waffles seems to get all the other days, so Tuesday should be a waffles free day. Mario sends you one of his special ladycat smooches!

  5. There's nothing like a little alone time! Enjoy yourself sweetie!

  6. No Waffles! What a moment of relaxation for you. Your pics are just gorgeous. Such the diva you are. Don't worry, Waffles will show up soon. MOL. Purrs

  7. even "virtual" vacations can be good ones :)

  8. Now... if only I could get away from Ichiro!

  9. MOL ! Enjoy it while it lasts ! Purrs

  10. You always look so pretty Katie! I love that vacation spot you went to. I wold love to go one day. Have a lovely Tuxie Tuesday Katie!

  11. A Waffles furee zone eh Katie? Have fun, we fink it's not gunna last. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  12. Miss Katie is in need of her own solo vacay!


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