Sunday, March 22, 2015

On the Road With Waffles & Katie: Our New Digs

KATIE:  Feels good to stretch your legs after that long car ride, doesn't it Waffles?  ...Waffles???

KATIE:  Hey Waffles! What are you doing under there? Don't you want to check out the new digs? Surely you must be glad to be out of the car.

WAFFLES:  Boss, we were going so fast, I think six of my nine lives flashed before me. I'm just going to stay under here. 

KATIE:  You're kidding, right? Aren't you supposed to be the big world traveler? Waffles the Jet Setter?  Well whatever you decide to do, could you just please put a lid on all that singing?

*20 minutes later*
KATIE:  See, Waffles? It's not so bad.

WAFFLES:  Boss, I see monsters outside. MONSTERS!

KATIE:  Waffles, those aren't monsters. Those are seagulls. You know... birds.

WAFFLES:  Those don't look like birds to me. What if they come inside? What if... what if they're ALREADY here! They could be UNDER THE BED! 

KATIE:  No monsters, Waffles.  Better check the ceiling though. *heh, heh*


KATIE:  C'mon Waffles. I promise there's no monsters. Let's go check out the rest of the place.

WAFFLES:  I don't know, Boss. This place is HUGE. Are you SURE?

KATIE:  Relax Waffles, I'm just checking out the boingy thing. It's a nice boingy thing. Still has the rubber tip on it. They really know how to maintain this place.

WAFFLES:  I don't know, Boss. That's a pretty big bird out there.

It's a good thing we're not betting cats, because if we were, our catnip would have been on Waffles for the Brave Traveller Award. But Katie has shown us that even on her virgin voyage, she's got game. 

Katie was the first to explore the two level condo. She breezed through the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen... and she was the first to sit by the windows and gaze out at the vastness of Lake Superior. She was the first to devour her dinner, drink from our travel-fountain... and the first into the litter box. 

It took a few hours, but Waffles has caught up and both are snoozing comfortably while Glogirly taps away on her computer. Life is good.  ...just as long as there are no late night serenades. 

Need to Catch Up?
If you've missed our previous On the Road with Waffles & Katie posts, we've DVR'd them for you:

PS - Tomorrow we'll share a little more about the cool place we're staying at! 

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  1. Ummm I was seeing 2 Waffles on the night standz... Scary!!! MOL

  2. Perhaps Waffles is thrown off by the fact that his fan club is missing? I thought his path was normally blazed by human females who are made weak in the knees by his jelly bean toes, sweet head butts and, most especially, his extra long, orange striped tail.

  3. Waffles, now you know why Katie is The Boss! ;-)

    P.S. Wow, the birds wear jackets up there? Who knew!

  4. We thought Waffles was the world traveler! Guess he doesn't have his adoring human female fans!

  5. Oh but Waffles' late night serenades are soooooooo enticing.

  6. Katie is showing how royalty can handle almost anything thrown at them with grace and poise!

  7. Katie - I'm warning ya - dere are double Waffles. Yummmm . . . . double waffles.

  8. I thought for sure Katie was going to be super stressed by the whole experienced whereas Waffles, the seasoned traveler, wouldn't blink an eye. Looking forward to the next installment of their adventures!

  9. WOW! That's a surprise. My money was on Waffles! Respect, Katie! Mind you seeing double Waffles could set a girl back a few centuries!! Enjoy your adventure :)

  10. Katie, you are The Boss!
    Glogirly, if you find yourself with a few extra Waffles, can I have one?
    He looks stunning against the weathered blue of your porch.

  11. Who knew Katie would be the better traveler?!? Way to go, Katie! Maybe you can do some pet therapy .... you might need to start by giving Waffles therapy .....

  12. I'm always really taken with how Katie and Waffles are temperamentally like Magic and Red. Magic and Katie definitely are the take charge sort and the gorgeous gingers live life a bit more twitchily. If I'd had to go to London with Red I've no idea how he'd have coped as I think he might just have combusted into a shower of ginger and white fluff! Well done to Katie and to Waffles too l once he finally managed to emerge from his hidey hole.

  13. Don't worry, Waffles. We bet those big birds taste like chicken! :)

  14. This is great!! We can't wait to see more adventures!
    Lola and Lexy

  15. Way to go, brave Katie! And Waffles, were you so scared that you were beside yourself? Or are we just seeing double orange-y tabby goodness???

  16. Glad you two have settled in nicely. What a glorious vacation for you all!

  17. Waffles was just doing the time honored tradition of the kids singing in the car to use time up on the trip.

    Songs like, the Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Noble Duke of Pork, Row, Row, Row your boat. etc.

  18. YOU GOOOOOOOOOOOOO KATIE!!!!!!! Great job!! I KNEW she would be fine!!! Hey...was Waffles seeing double? I saw TWO Waffles up there!
    BTW your "vacation" condo is larger and MUCH nicer than the condo I live in on a day-to-day basis! That place rocks! Enjoy!

  19. Did you clone Waffles? I saw 2 :) Hope you all have fun on this adventure.

  20. Well done Katie! You is a furry brave girl, and a role model for your pesky brofur. Good to hear you've caught up Waffles...but we'd still be wary of those big burds, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  21. Well done Katie, you surprised everybody. If you get nervous Waffles, just send your double out first.

  22. Waffles we are glad you deemed the new place by the big pond of water OK. MOL

  23. Woohoo - you both did iit. Hope you are having a good time. Oh, and we hope your peeps are enjoying themselves too.

  24. We thought YOU were the big traveler, Waffles ! You surprised us, Katie, well done ! Purrs

  25. Dat's wunnewful. Y'all boff look gweat and like yous havin' lots of fun. Weez luv twavelin'. We don't do much of it, but we do like it. Y'all enjoy yous furmily vacation.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  26. Katie, you are such a great big sister! Looks like a nice vacation spot. Have fun!!

  27. You're safe from the seagulls as long as you stay inside, Waffles. I have it on good authority they're really allergic to ceilings and beds (and they're terrified that if they ever go under a bed, they'll end up trapped and never get out) and do everything they can to avoid them. They might be big, but they aren't very tough.

    Katie, good on you for being such a relaxed traveler, and noticing what a fabulous boingy thing your new digs has. The ones with the rubber tips still on them are definitely the best.

  28. My money is always on Katie! This was so great to read. When the peeps moved, Autumn the shyer one took to the condo instantly. Nicky hid under the bed.

  29. Have a fun time. Looks like a nice place to vacation.
    Sue B

  30. Way to go Katie, and very smart of you to outfox the humans.

  31. as long as they have you and Gloman to snuggle with at night, they should both be good to go. What a nice vacation

  32. OH this made me LAUGH!!! Bird bird? Waffles C'MON!!

  33. Looks like Katie has taken the #1 kitty traveler position! That beach view & deck right on the water is so gorgeous! Turning green w/ envy (-:
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  34. well of course Katie's the boss,xx Speedy

  35. How fun to have a new place to explore. Can't believe that Waffles was playing the scaredy cat! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth ad Calista Jo

  36. And I thought Katie would be the so scared..good for you pretty girl...


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