Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Waffles Wednesday: Tail Tally

Um, hi everybuddy. Waffles here.

Well the measurements are IN! Last Waffles Wednesday, LOTS of you kitties took one for the team and got your tails measured. I used Glogirly's magic number machine and I have the results!

Are you ready?

We had 46 comments last Wednesday.
The grand total of all the tails that were measured was 588 inches!
That's 49 feets of TAILS!
That's a lotta-lotta tails.

So I bet you wanna know who's got the biggest, huh!
Well it's a tie!

The two longest tails in the Blogosphere are exactly 15 inches! The record holders's Harvey Button and ME! Glogirly says that means Harvey Button holds the Middle-Earth-Tail-Record and I hold the Rest-of-the-Earth-Tail-Record!

The average tail length was 10.5". 
But we had some non-cat measurements that may have affected that.
Glogirly says it looks like the average cat tail comes in at about 11.5"

So I bet you wanna know who has the WEENIEST tail, huh!

Are you ready??????
Um, so we're not sure if that's 1/2" EACH for Two French Bulldogs, Benny & Lily, or if that's combined. SNORT!



    * biffs the air * We are the greatest!!!!

    Harvey Button
    What Mum?? Er... nothing... nothing....

  2. So I measured The Crew's tails and Muffin's tail is sorta 15 inches, do you think it counts?? (if nothing else she wins for widest tail I bet)

  3. Oh my! That's funny that the dogs were joining in too. I think Ig's tail was about 15 inches too but it had that curl so it was hard to measure. Mine is much shorter and so is Ichiro's (but his is floofy).

  4. You see now? This proves it. I ALWAYS knew that Ollie was just a half inch short of greatness!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  5. Well, I think JUST Middle Earth is a little small - can't you two at least divide hemispheres? Since it's a tie and all?

  6. All this focus on length!!! It's a man thing!! MOL

  7. Oh! I totally missed that last week! I'm sure Leo would have broken that record! I'm going to have to measure him, I keep threatening to because I swear he has six extra vertebrae in that tail.. and maybe six more in his back too! My boy is long...
    I didn't think Waffles was that big of a kitty!

  8. Those are interesting statistics. All hail Waffles' long tail!

  9. Cats rule again! What's in the box, Waffles?

  10. That sure is a lot of tails.

    The Paw Relations

  11. Hey Waff, we forgot to tell you, our mom named a baby cow after you!!! When it was born all the humans said it had a really long tail, so mom said, "he should be named Waffles!" So they did! So now there is a little cow in North Carolina named Waffles, but I don't think his tail is even that long. We will send mom out to check.


  12. That's a LOT of tail inches, Waffles!! We enjoyed reading the results - we've been wondering who would have the longest tail! :)

  13. That's a lot of tails. Congrats on having the longest tails.
    Sue B


    You're right... that really IS a lot of tail.


  15. that IS a lotta tail. (snort)

    we were gonna participate, but mom couldn't find a tape measure and no one wanted to cooperate and.... you get the picture :)

  16. Our Mom is so retarded. Every day she thinks about doing this and then just doesn't. She says she is going right now to get a measuring device. She just wants to know if any of us might be able to tie for first place with Harvey and Waffles. Very good at collecting and calculating the info, Waffles. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  17. phew thats a lot of measuring,xx Rachel

  18. Wow ... 49 feet?! That's a whole lotta tail, and then some!

  19. 49 feets of TAILS that sure is loooong :)
    I guess my tail is about average , but it´s VERY fluffy ;-)

  20. Hey Waff, I have a post coming up which will have you in Tail Envy! HAH! Wait till you see MY tailio in all its glory. 49 feets? Are we talking feet or tails? Now I'm confused.

  21. Dang, the mom hasn't measured our tails yet. Sheesh. But we don't think we could beat you and Harvey Button, Waffles.

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  23. wow that's one long axx tail! Our foster kitty Ninji is small but with noticeably long tail we were so curious we just measure. 13" It's like a whip!

  24. Maxwell: Dood, our momma says she didn't measure 'cause she didn't want any of us to get complexes over here. I totally don't get it. I *like* complex equations....


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