Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Waffles Wednesday: Ready, Set, Measure!

Hi everybuddy, Waffles here.

Remember the other week when I posted about my 15" tail?  Glogirly said the blogosphere went wild! People were grabbing tape measures, rulers and CATS!

Sorry about that...I know lots of you are kind of touchy about your tails. I know the BOSS sure is. But I can't help myself, I just really like touching her tail. It's fun!

Ok, so I have an idea. Let's ALL get our tails measured! We can see who has the longest tail and who has the shortest tail and what size is the most popular tail too. And then I can take Glogirly's number machine and figure out how long ALL of our tails are together!

What do you think?  I wonder if we can get a whole mile of tails! Or at least enough to go around the block!

Just leave me a comment with your tail lengths. I promise it will be fun.

Now I just have to figure out how to measure the Boss' tail. 

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  1. The Human says: Well, isn't just like the male of the species to drag it out and hope it's bigger than the next guy's.

  2. Rags is 13"
    Brat is 13½"
    Mine... good thing bootay doesn't count, I don't have that much tape measure :P

  3. Spitty says: 12 very floofy inches.

    Think of their feelings of inadequacy! Think Waffles, think! Don't go swishing that, that TAIL of yours in front of the Manx Cats.

    Oh, the felinity!

  5. Oh I can measure the kitty tails here tomorrow. They are all sleeping now, and I wouldn't dare wake them!

    And Waffles, I would be careful about approaching the boss. Maybe you need to wait til she's sleeping...soundly...

  6. I still say that length should be measured by percentage of cat as opposed to actual inches! Because of course bigger cats might have longer tails. My human will have to get a definitive length on mine later. I'll be back.

  7. Give me a minute......

    Miranda Kitten 10 ins/26 cms
    Sienna 13 ins/ 33 cms
    Dot Kitten 11 ins/ 28 cms
    Aunty Peanut 13 ins/ 33.5 cms
    Harvey Button 15 inches / 38.5 cms

    Tadaaaa - in Imperial and Metric measurements

    Silver Kitten

  8. Ok starting with the Tubbie Tuxie and the shortest of our group sashays in with a 10 3/4" tailo.

    Next her sister That Scrappie Cat has a slightly longer tail of 11".

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan herself was 1. nearly impossible to measure and 2. She was anti-measuring on the basis she didn't want little girl kittehs to become obsessed with their tails. On that note I decided not make her tail measurement public in honor of her stance.

    Lastly, the Ornj boy (as boys often are) was obsessed by this task & could be seen posing on the blog with his glorious tail both in and outside at the same time. When walking past mirrors he would note the wonderful 'shepherds hook' that his tail magisterially would take. He has been caught holding his head up, preening and attempting kitty yoga in order to stretch his tail just that much more. Well, his tail measured in at 14 3/4". He is quite proud. He says that the Ornj Boyz got it all goin on!

    That Woman

  9. We shall have to come back later when we've found a tape measure.

    The Paw Relations

  10. The head peep chased us around with a fabric measuring tape!

    Pierre has a 12" tail

    Newton, also known as "Stop Touching My Tail!" has 12 1/2 or 13", depending on how much of the floof you want to count.

    Ashton saw what happened to Newton and went UTB, and is not sharing her measurements. We know it's shorter because she's smaller, but she says a lady never tells.

  11. WOw - Waffles, you do have a gorgeous long tail. Mine is only 9 inches. (Hides tail in shame. Maybe I can stretch mine out or something).,

  12. Waffles, we'll measure our tails and let you know....

  13. Adora Mae 12" and counting since she is only 6 months old! She uses it as a scarf and a blanket when she sleeps

  14. My cats are sleeping, they'd be really unhappy if I woke them to measure their tails! XD Can't wait to see the results! :)

  15. The Crew got measured, the post is going live at the end of the week

  16. I'm happy to say that we were part of the craziness--
    Tucker is 11.5
    Sadie is 10
    Benny is 11

  17. OMC! Your tail is longer than my dogs' tails!!! I measured three times just to make sure I wasn't mistaken. Maya's tail is 14" and Pierson's is 13".

  18. Mickey Mouser : 10.5"
    Tommie : 11"
    Maggie (who always wished she had one...)

  19. Geez, Waffles, know the human is trying to catch us to measure our tails!!
    Go away, human! Mine!

  20. Let me go find a tape measure. Be right back.


  21. hehehe such a silly thing Tails,xx Speedy

  22. Well we don't need any tape measurements to tell you Abby had NO tail. When you touched the end of her spine there was actually a groove. She has a "fluff" of fur that looked like a tail but it wasn't. I loved it, that little poof.
    Boo: 10"
    Jinx" 10.5"
    Gracie" 9.5"
    Lord know how much I miss my Abbygirl. Sorry I don't mean to be in a down yo.

  23. Freddie Gerbil giggled a lot as I tried to measure his tail. And squirmed and then was bribed with sunflower seed and the guestimate is 3"

    He'd also like to recommend you not attempt to measure Katie's tail or she might remove yours for you. Eeep.

  24. What a fun idea! Waffles, that is quite a tail. Lacci has a tail that is 12 inches long, Pizzico's is 10 and Cocco's (hehe have to include his!) is 7 :-) Thanks for coming by lately!

  25. We'll have to measure our kitties' tails later! :)

  26. We have 12" for Tonka, an 11" for Hoot, 9" for Junah and Grit is my tortie who said in no uncertain terms "Hands off the tailpiece!"

  27. Dang, my tail has been a bit occupied.

  28. Quint's is our longest at 13 5/8 inches. Foster Erinn Zuzu is our shortest at 1 1/4 inches. She's a pixie bobtail. Everyone else falls somewhere in between. We LOVE Waffles ear tuffs! Purrs...

  29. Well, did we have a right old kerfuffle!! By the time I had registered my complete disgust at such a shallow and superficial past time, I had been woman handled to the ground and pinned to the carpet and attacked from the rear! It appears my tail is 12.3 inches long.

    I hope I can get recompense for such an ignominious and unwarranted assault upon my person?


  30. Mum measured mine the other day and it was about 11.5 inches, but I was waving it around at the time to make it difficult for her. She is going to get dad's measure tomorrow and he thinks he is going to hold me still while she tries to get a more accurate measurement. In their dreams!!!

  31. 25 1/2 inches, dripping wet! Bwahaha! Who wants to know. BTW, Spitty says lady cats don't have packages. Oh, if anyone doesn't believe me and wants to come here and measure me: Make. My. Day.

    Hope GG is feeling better.

  32. Ours tails are:
    Ha,ha Tubby didn't like it. He used claws.
    Sue B

  33. LOL -- I'd rather wrestle them to trim their nails than get them to stand still enough to measure their tails!! :) Bravo for those who has "kids" who cooperate!

  34. We can't even go out on the catio for the next few days cause there is going to be construction going on. Mom says when we are all stuck in the house, she'll do some measuring. Can't say we are going to cooperate 'cause we're already going to be unhappy. Wally's tail looks super long. We know none of ours are 15". Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  35. Mum will find an official measuring device and report back!

  36. Hard to measure kitty tails....they sure are touchy!
    Hank--13 1/2
    Rusty--10 1/2

  37. That photo of the tail was awesome!

  38. Everyone here has been sleeping on their tails all day!

    The Florida Furkids

  39. Otis: 12.50 inches

    Foster kitten (six months) 11.25 inches... he's going to be a big kitty!!

  40. Jade said her fluffy tail is purrfect length and wouldn't let me measure it. Both Myst & Blackie have 12 inch tails. Cocoa, the woofie, only has stub so she didn't want to talk about it.

  41. Sam - 13"
    Maya - 11"

    24 glorious inches of kitty tail!

  42. This is a very fun idea, Waffles!!

    Carmine's tail is 13 inches.
    Milita and Jewel both have 11-inch tails.


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