Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Next Project

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I've been resting up after my music video tour. This Killer Queen really needed her beauty rest. The response to my musical prowess was so great I decided to begin production on a new and very special recording.

Killer Queen was an autobiography of sorts. Glogirly says it suited my personality perfectly. She said it with a smirk though.

Get your Kleenex ready.

My next role is much more challenging and dramatic. I play a character torn between life and death. Happiness and sorrow. It requires a tremendous amount of self reflection.

But when you're as good looking as me,
self reflection comes natural.


  1. Yo Katie, can I be in one of your videos? Can I? Huh? Even though Glogirly isn't old enough, I'll guess Reflection of my Life, the Marmalade song. PS: That mirror pic is super.

  2. Oh my word! Katie are you sure the next episode is not called Drama Queen?
    Benny & Lily

  3. I LOVED your comment and no, I had not noticed that mustache difference until you pointed it out. We are both glorious and that's all we care about. xoxoxox

  4. Me thinks we should do a Diva song!After all us Queens is divas too!

  5. Deep reflection! It will be a tour de force, I know it!

  6. We can't wait for your next production Katie. Oh by the way, mum still can't get Killer Queen out of her head. We heard her singing it this morning when she was vacuuming the bedroom.

  7. I'm sure you were born for your next role, Katie!

  8. I cannot wait for your next production!

  9. I can't wait to see what you are up to next, Katie!

  10. OMG you kill me....I KNOW this is gonna be good!

  11. oh Katie! You are so lovely! I can see why you'd want to self reflect all day long! Who wouldnt want to look at that pretty face??

    (I've been trying to comment for ages, fingers crossed that it goes through today!)

  12. OMG!!! My cat looks exatly the same!:)))


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