Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cats And Crowns Part Deux

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Your comments from yesterday's Cats & Crowns post have inspired me. In fact, it was Benny & Lily who suggested I look in Glogirly's closet for a boa. B & L are dogs, so there was that chance that the kind of boa they were suggesting was not made of feathers. But as dogs go, B & L are pretty cool so I went with it. (Besides, Glogirly would NEVER have let the other kind of boa in the townhouse. EVER.)

The feathers were fun, so then I went a little farther...

Watch your back, toddler people. If anyone knows feathers, it's us cats. And I'm thinking your showgirl outfit would make a REALLY nice cat toy.

PS: If you haven't met Benny & Lily of Two French Bulldogs, you should check them out and say hi. Just play down the fact that you're a cat. Be cool. Act natural.


  1. Holy CODFISH. What's next, six miniature pasties and a C-string?

  2. Is there a tantrum in there somewhere, just to round it off? lol

  3. You need lots of lipstick and mascara to achieve that sufficiently trampy look, hahaha!!!

  4. Costumes you can play with are very fashion forward!

  5. That outfit does double duty!!

    We're MOL @ Katnip lounge!!

    The Florida Furkids

  6. I'm thinking we should have a CB Tiara Day....even the boy cats....

  7. we new you would find one, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  8. first of all...pink is YOUR color....second we have been following Benny & Lily for quite some time now and we ADORE THEM!

  9. You look great in that tiara and pink boa! My kitty wants a tiara too.


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