Monday, January 9, 2012

Cats And Crowns

Hi everyone, Katie here.

So Gloman has been making some accusations here at the townhouse. He's become suspicious of Glogirly and the 'attention' she's been paying me. An innocent drive-by with the TV remote and a momentary pause on a reality show called Toddlers & Tiaras has yielded Glogirly the title of Stage Mom.

Apparently he thinks it's unusual ...actually I think the word he used was insane... for Glogirly to be doting over me, stalking me with her iPhone video recorder, asking to schedule more and more photo shoots.

I think the Photoshop tiaras put him over the edge.

So out of my way you spoiled little toddler people. Walk away from the false eyelashes. Leave your hairspray behind. There's a new cat in town and she's wearin' a crown.

Game on.


  1. Insane, or Differently Cognitively Abled? You decide.

  2. Katie
    I can see it now...rhinestones and feathers are next. Be very afraid!


  3. Oh Lordy! Glogirly's got it bad!!! Katie you might need to take Gloman and escape from Planet Reality TV and seek asylum on Planet Reality (it's just next door :)

  4. You were born to wear the crown Katie. You are a natural winner.

  5. At least you got a Photoshopped tiara, Katie - MY human has an actual cat-sized tiara and both Binga and I have been forced to wear it!

  6. Ut oh....we see some real trouble ahead.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. roflmao!!!!!!!!!!!! Katie you win the pageant PAWS DOWN!!!!! You are a NATURAL beauty!

  8. So what's wrong with a Photoshopped tiara. I have one and a lot of female Twitter cats wear them. There's nothing strange about it.

  9. Where's the boa? Look in Glogirly's closet.
    Benny & Lily

  10. We've meowed an agreement that my mom can do whatever she likes with us via photoshop. My favorite was the cheesehead I got to wear when virtually vistiting Whiskerskonsin with my special furriend Whitey on our cheese tour of the world.

    I also have worn a virtual tiara and I kind of like it!

    You go girl!

    xoxo Cory

  11. You're so much more suited to pageantry than those little girls. You actually look classy, whereas they look trashy ;-).


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