Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spammy No More

Hi everyone, Katie here.

I've always been curious about that salty, sweet, meat-like substance in the funny shaped cans. Spam. Rhymes with ham, lamb, clam. Shabam. It MUST be good.

With a little artistic flair, I suppose you could even sculpt a cat out of spam.

But for the past two days, Facebook has disagreed. They don't think Spam is nearly as sweet. In fact, they called my blog "SPAMMY." They wouldn't even let me post links to my blog on my OWN Facebook page.

Is it a coincidence that this happened on the same day I donned my pink g-string with the dollar bill? I don't think so. The same has happened to other cats that weren't wearing anything nearly as racy.

Well thank Cod, everything appears to be back to normal. G-string and all. So I'm celebrating with a few fun Spammy facts.


There is a Spam Museum right here in Minnesota!

If it's too sunny inside the museum,
you can pick up a pair of Spam Shades.

There's even a Spam Fan Club.

Not nearly as popular as MY fan club. But that's what you get for canned meat without an expiration date.


  1. I've eaten a lot of Cat Tummies, and I've eaten SPAM. Cat Tummies do NOT give me gas.
    That is all.

  2. Ha ha ha! So YOU are the kitty with the pasties referred to in my comments. You look MAH-vellous, MOL!

  3. That's cruddy of Facebook to call your blog spammy! Do you have any idea how it got fixed?

  4. Pink g-string? Oh, Katie, what have I missed?

    You sure know a lot about Spam and unfortunately, spam.

  5. You remind me of the Monty Python sketch spam spam spam lolol

    PS how do you get the reply option on each comment? Curious to know? xxx

  6. Say, we gave you a shout-out on our blog today!
    xx The Horde

  7. Hey, I like spam!!

    Sorry to hear about the facebook issue, but from what I hear you weren't alone.

    (and I'm here because "Katnip Lounge" linked you. So glad I found my way here!)

  8. FB once told me a post I tried to share was tasteless, maybe even pornographic. So I cut and pasted the url and beat them at their own game. BTW, you even heard the Monty Python song about Spam? It's great.

  9. AND did you happen to see in yesterdays startribune the the Japanese like to make sushi with it!!!

  10. OMG this was GENIUS!!! Great job!

    Did you know that Hawaiians eat more "SPAM" than anywhere else in the world? It's true!

  11. Hello - friends of the Katnip Lounge here - enjoyed your blog - we'll be back. T.

  12. If you get Spammed -- Spam Sculpture seems like the equivalent of lemonade. If you follow the highways and byways of my mind, which links lemons and lemonade with spam and spam sculptures. Comes of taking too many standardized tests. Has there been a study done of the damage inflicted by standardized tests? We could be the poster-children. Bugs and I, over here at Catself. So glad to be linked up with you through Katnip Lounge, which tends to be the high point of many of our days. Hola Glogirly! And Katie-Solo-Cat! Your new friends --Nadbugs and Bugs

  13. I'm glad your FB got fixed, too! Spam... it is No Good!


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