Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Dancing Cat

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Ok it's MY birthday week and MY 200 post milestone week...so why is GLOGIRLY the one getting all the cool stuff?

She's been shopping again. More decorating. Yet ANOTHER package arrived today. Imagine how excited I was when I saw the return address read, "The Dancing Cat."

Toys? No.
Nip? No.
Treats? What do YOU think.

She's all gaga over an artist she found on Etsy. Her name is Jamie Shelman and her shop is called The Dancing Cat. In her Etsy profile Jamie writes that she loves "the thought that our work can make someone happy even if just for a moment and possibly redirect their day or their lives in a positive direction." She and her partner Tom call themselves "art doctors." ...well I sure hope that doesn't have anything to do with the V-E-T.

Here are some of Glogirly's recent art acquisitions -

This one is called Belly Smakin' Good
I think it looks more like Glogirly & Gloman than me.

Ok, THIS one looks like me.

The Dancing Cat Etsy store has SO many wonderful pieces to choose from. The illustrations are printed on a heavy weight 100% cotton rag paper and each is numbered and signed. There's also some great jewelry.

Glogirly is coveting one of the necklaces.
See how she is? More for her, none for me.

Well I'm no Art Doctor...
...but I DO have a few Dancing Cat moves of my own.


  1. I like your dancing cat moves, Katie! Maybe this Jamie Shelman human should use you as a model.

  2. Glogirly must be shopping in preparation of your birthday. I would be a be leary of that art doctor.
    Benny & Lily

  3. Katie, you might be no art doctor, but you certainly are an artist!!

  4. Woaw !!! You are an awesome dancer !!!! Love the photos
    My favorite is picture #3 from the first row ( art decor ), I can't stop smile ! serious !

  5. Katie - you maybe should go on DAncing Wth The Starts cuz you really have those moves down pat!

  6. Katie, your Ninja-dance moves are ACE! Mommy now has to go shop, for HERSELF.

  7. You are so cute. Quite the dancer. Thanks for the site.


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