Monday, September 26, 2011

Mustache Week Day 1

Hi everyone, Katie here.

The Mancats are always getting the attention. Just because they're boys. Or, well...used to be boys. Mancat, Mancat, Mancat. Well I'm a GIRL and proud of it.

AND, I'm a girl with a mustache that is the envy of ALL Mancats.

So I'm devoting my entire week to The Mustache. They are suddenly all the rage. Have you noticed?

Birthday parties with staches on a stick.

Cocktail parties with staches on straws.

Mustaches are a girls best friend.

Just look at Facebook...

EVERYONE is adding one to their profile pic.

Well I'm here to tell you it all started with me...

Me and my girly stache.


  1. very cool Katie,we love the mustache straws. we saw a lady with a mustache. Mom said don't stare.
    Benny & Lily

  2. Katie, MOL for your mom's mustache ! Did she know ? It could be freak out for her man..Ha..Ha.Ha
    For you, Don't anyone tell you ? Marked of Mustache on Cat look Hot ! no matter you boys or girls ! so Smile !!! Yong Lady : )
    and Have a good day

  3. Oh sweetie, this is fashion, a girl using mustache!Love this idea and your mammy is adorable!
    purrs and love to you both

  4. "girly stache!" I love it!

    I missed my wax this week so I am just going to tell everyone I am wearing a "Girly Stache!!"

  5. This is good news for swarthy women the world over.

  6. Katie, I love your girly mustache!

  7. this post is quite insightful. thank you for sharing this with us.


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