Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mustache Week Day 3

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Thanks for joining me for another day of Mustache Week.

Did you know?

All dolphins are born with a mustache.
It's helps them locate their mothers while nursing.
It sheds after a few days.

I'm sure glad mine hasn't shed. I've got to have SOMETHING to help me find Glogirly.


  1. Listen for the lumbering! At least, that's how we find OUR Mommy.

  2. Maybe your mommy needs as mustache! he he

  3. we sure enjoyed moostache week, thanks Katie. Is sid burns week coming up?
    Benny & Lily

  4. If I had a mustache, I would not want to lose it like that either!

  5. I never knew that about dolphins before. That's cool!

  6. TW's whiny voice helps me find her. Heh heh!

  7. We didn't know that about dolphins, Katie! And we didn't know mustaches can substitute as GPS devices.


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