Wednesday, September 21, 2011

EXTRA! EXTRA! Limpathy Update

Hi Everyone, Katie here.

This just in.

I'm fine! There's nothing wrong with me!

Except for my so called "hostile" demeanor at the V-E-T. First they tag me with "Cantankerous" (after the ribbon incident) and now "Hostile." They've apparently got a whole KATIE PROTOCOL to follow now when they know I'm coming in. I'm a regular celebrity.

My leg is still a little limpy, but it seems to be getting better now that I'm sipping my mo-phine cocktails.

The local (crackpot) V-E-T sent my xrays (the ones I made them really work for) to the University of Minnesota. One of their disc jockey's, I mean radiologists, looked at it and said I was perfect. Well actually they said there was nothing remarkable. They probably didn't realize it was MY xray. Because if I am ANYTHING, I am REMARKABLE.

Ok, this is not really me.
Showing you my real xray would be
like letting you see me naked.
I'm shy.

They looked at my elbows, my feet, my legs and shoulders. They even looked at my heart and lungs. They said my heart was good.

HA! SEE Mister V-E-T!
I don't have a tiny, cold, crusty heart.
I am NOT the beast you make me out to be.

And they said my lungs were good. Well I could have told them that. I put them to VERY good use at the V-E-T on Saturday.

Bottom line - I'm fine.
A little limpathy never hurt anyone.


  1. We maintain that all vets are poopy-headed lily-livered quacks, and probably even like dawgs.
    If they don't like being bitten and scratched they should get another job!

  2. Imagine--giving a nice cat like you nasty labels like that.

  3. Congratulations on the purrfect A grade katie. I bet you have purgect teeth too and good sharp claws! Guess you showed dem.

  4. Katie, you have NO idea how relieved we are here! I did not want to say anything and possibly freak out your human, but limping was the first clue that the cat before me had bone cancer! So yeah, when they say "not remarkable," in this case that is a GOOD thing!

  5. Wahoo Katie! Great News! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  6. Oh !!! Your VET was very naughty !!! see you totally naked till the skeleton !

  7. That vet has got a nerve saying you were unremarkable, especially when you take a piece out of him!!!

    Good news:)

  8. Oh Katie. You are so much like my cat Holly that I think you were probably separated at birth. Except I think she's a little younger than you.

  9. I'm sure glad to here that "officially" your wonderful, but we all knew that anyways!

  10. I'm glad you are okay, Katie.

    Ps: Um, did they check your limp nodes, too?

  11. Wow, Katie, you're really getting the reputation around the vet's office!

    We're glad that you don't have any health problems!

  12. Glad you are ok. Wonder when Gloman is going to admit he stepped on your foot?
    Benny & Lily

  13. we are glad to hear that you are OKAY. Our princess, Cleo, also has a rather unflattering reputation at the vet. On her file, her name has 2 lines through it - the same system they use to identify vicious dogs...dogs...Cleo is a cat!

  14. Sorry, girlfriend, I haven't been online much recently and TW will be bit for it. Sounds like you've been from hell and back and lived to tell about it. Maybe you just stepped on something that hurt your pawpads. Frankly, the vet told my peeps last time that I don't play well with others because I gave them such a hard time. Heh heh!


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