Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fashion Week Day 2

Hi everyone, Katie here.

It's Fashion Week here at the townhouse. Today I'm excited to share something really cool with you. I'm calling them Fashion Avatars. An Avatar is a cartoon of someone and a FASHION Avatar is a savvy and stylish cartoon of someone.

Guess who this is?
That's my girl!

Her artist friend created Glogirly's very own Fashion Avatar from just a few photos of her.

She made a Fashion Avatar of Glogirly's uber fashionable friend too! They said the artist did an amazing job of giving them the long, thin necks they've always dreamed of. And they are kind of loving the disappearance of wrinkles. Glogirly calls it her Fountain Of Youth Avatar.

Glogirly & Her Fashionista Friend

I hear that I may be receiving one of my OWN sometime soon. In preparation, I've been scouring my best beauty shots to submit as inspiration. This ought to be enough beauty for the artist to work from, don't you think? Maybe a bit much for her to handle.

So much beauty, so little time.


  1. Those avatars ARE awsome! I bet that artist human can make a great one of you too, Katie!

  2. Those are great avatars! Far better than anything the Woman has!

  3. Those avatars are great!

    We were wondering how you could choose a photo for yourself since you are beautiful from any angle.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  4. Woo Hoo ! Gorgeous you, Miss Katie
    Kisses from Puddy Boy : )

  5. Those avatars are so cool! We can't wait to see if your friends can do your feline beauty justice!

  6. Great avs. TW loves Glogirly's haircut. Her's is just the opposite. Longer in front and very short in the back. I bet YOUR avatar will really be something to long at!

  7. Those are the greatest Avatars Katie. Of course, you are bootiful enough - you don't need a special avatar to make you beautiful.

  8. Mommy wants to know where she can get Glogirly's eyebrows. Or yours, Katie!

    So how good is this artist...can she fix up a hagged out gal who thinks fashion is a "new" pair jeans from the Salvation Army? We would make a mask for Mommy. For us. To look at.

  9. My Mommeh loves your mom's haircut!

  10. It's so cool!! It looks just like GG! I want an avatar!

  11. Well doesn't Glogirly look like a star. Hopefully that avatar won't start talking
    Benny & Lily


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