Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mustache Love

Hi everyone, Katie here.

Mancat this. Mancat that. Mancat, Mancat, Mancat!

I swear, it's Mancat mania out there. Frankly, I'm getting a little tired of always hearing about Mancat stuff. It started with Mancat Monday. Fine. The boys can have Monday. Monday is a boring day anyway. But when they creep into the rest of the week, well... us girls have to stick together to take control.

So I'm here today to make all those mancats just a little jealous of my distinctive, girly-girl mustache. I bet there's not a mancat out there who can compete with MY whisker adornments. Ok, maybe it's a little lop-sided... I choose to call it asymmetrical. Still, you must agree, it's one marvelous stache.

Ok now for some fun. Take a peek at these 12 famous mustache's. Do you know who each one belongs to? I bet all the girly-girls out there do!

Now if Glogirly could just figure out how to make a cool answer button that actually works, you girlcats would be able to check your work and confirm all those right answers. And you mancats could cheat.

But alas, she's too busy trying to dress up like me.
Even Glogirly's got mustache envy.


Spoilers ahead!!!

Spoilers ahead!!!

Soooooo.... here are the answers:

  1. Salvador Dali
  2. Clark Gable
  3. Capn' Crunch
  4. Albert Einstein
  5. Ned Flanders
  6. Guess Who!
  7. Charlie Chaplin
  8. Vincent Van Gogh
  9. Clark Gable again HA-HA, trick question!
  10. Yosemite Sam
  11. Groucho Marx
  12. Snidely Whiplash


  1. Hi Katie, a couple of non-mustashed MANCATS here. Our Mom got all of the 12 'stash fellows correct. And she was especially happy to see Snidely Whiplash. Mwah ha ha!

    Hope you are staying warm there in the snowy MN. xoxo

  2. love the picture of your tongue=o)

  3. Hello sweet friends!
    Girls, I miss you so much!
    Finally we got home and mommy can help me blogging now and I'm also so happy because my big brother Guilherme, came from Brazil to stay here with us during his vacation from the University in Brazil - Engineering.He is really nice with me and plays a lot, it's cool!
    And this post is a kind of protest, very smart dear Katie, I liked it a lot.
    I need to say that Salvador Dali is our favourite one, mommy graduated in Fine Artes and she loves him! :)
    But Glogirly is fabulous with that mustache!
    And you are always beautiful and gorgeous!
    love you dear friend

  4. We didn't guess all the answers right ... drat! And stoopid mom pressed the red button anyway (even tho it said don't bovver ~ she thort she might be missing owt on summat! :sheesh:)

    We love the tongue pic AND Glogirly's tache!

  5. Ooh, you are so right. You would never guess what I had to do to get some attention for me on the blog. But I did what had to be done. Your moustache is great, I wish I had one, would look nice with my goatee.


  6. Snidely Whiplash is my brother Rudy's role model.
    Your stash is very lovely!

  7. I have a couple of Sharpie dots drawn on my face as a mustache, so yes, I'm very jealous of your real stache, Katie!


  8. We didn't guess all of them, but we did okay. Our Mom almost pushed the button too!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  9. Hey Katie, you're on to something. Why don't you start Cutie Tuesday or Feminine Feline Friday???

  10. All those other staches don't matter it's Katies stache we all love to see

  11. Our all time favorite is #10, Yosemite Sam! Katie, we love your girly stashe.

    Bennette has a stashe but it's a milk stashe.

  12. We got most of them right. I think we should have our own Ladycat day, too! If it weren't for us, where would the mancats be?


  13. You have a very feminine little mustache, Katie!

    ps: we make the answer button work by uploading the "answer" image into a photo-hosting site (we use PhotoBucket) and then linking the answer button to the image link in PhotoBucket. I don't think I explained it very well...

  14. You have a cute little stash Katie. I don't have one, and Eric only has half of one.

  15. PAWesome post GurlFurriend!!! Cricket even says the boys can be jealous of her 'stache too! She says she has an albino's 'stache. It's white and assymetrical, like yours! And, you are SO girl have GOT to stick together!!!

    Sniffs & Smooches~
    Skeeter, Pandora, and Cricket!

    PS...we had to laugh as our catchpa is "gomens"...MOL

  16. Your mustache is adorable/handsome (whichever you prefer to call it). Having a Mancat Monday is necessary for the boys the way separate gender schools are better for human boys - they can't compete otherwise!

  17. Well, we don't have staches, and we think yours is pretty cool there, Katie! And we knew most of those stache owners...even Clark Gable who was in there twice!!

    pee ess...that Salvador Dali guy scares us!!

  18. Katie, A fun facial features discussion. Your whiskers are wonderful.
    I just remembered that I had a mustache in the 70's. That was another time. I looked awful with it.

  19. Katie we love your little ladycatstache! And Lola agrees with you - she has 3 brothers so she hears about man (and boy) cats all the time! She thinks the ladycats need to stage a revolt or something (ok, maybe not a revolt, she is, after all, a very lazy craby old lady cat). Power to the ladycats!!

  20. IYou have a beautiful little mustache Katie! Very nicely groomed.
    Glogirly's isn't too bad either!!

  21. heheh....cap'n, cannot remember the last time I saw that one. :). Nice stash by the way!!

  22. We think a girl cat having mustache is OK, and you look beautiful in yours, but it's not OK for a girl human. Mom got all the pictures 'cept the first one.

    Tipper & Misty

  23. We like your girl mustache. Jack likes having Mancat Monday to feature how wonderful he is (or thinks he is), but Baby needs her own days or he completely dominates her. She is just so sweet-natured that she steps aside for any bullying he does, and he does plenty. Lucky for you, Baby says, that you don't have a brother around.

  24. You have a very cute mustache Katie.

  25. I love this. I just loved this blog. I am still smiling bug and that mustache is THE most beautiful I have ever seen..on both of you!!!
    Me, I just have my whiskers that mama says are stiff and tickly enough to be made from nylons. She has actually called them my nylons!!!The idea!!!

  26. Mustaches on kitties of either sex are adorable! Real mustaches on ladies, less so.
    But who can figure what beans like.

  27. I love your little girly-girl moustache, Katie! On you it looks so feminine. Oh Mancats need their special day because they have such big egos.

    Lady kitties, like you, aren't that insecure. Revel in your femininity!

  28. Katie, your face is so cute and your moustache is just perfect. Thanks for the fun post!


  29. Good one Katie. Is that a uni-brow?
    Benny & Lily

  30. You do have a great stache, Katie. We can see why it would be the envy of mancats everywhere...and Glogirly too.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  31. Your mustache is so very Mancat handsome like. My mom always liked William Powell's mustache!

  32. Hi Katie!
    That was a fun quiz and we LOVE your 'stashe by the way. VERY sneaky of you with the double photo whammy but you didn't trip us up. We got all but the first one!

  33. Hi Katie,
    You are so cute!
    Luv, Lucy (Woof!)

  34. What an unexpected and thoroughly entertaining post about female 'staches! No Jolene Facial Hair Bleach for Katie! No, no, no!

  35. We loved all the mustaches but didn't do too well on the quiz! You got the best one Katie!

  36. We love the tongue picture! And we love your girly-girl 'stache too.

  37. I love your idea!! it's not always about the mankitties! Despite the fact that my kitties are gonna be boys, Im gonna make sure that I raise them with a healthy respect for the ladies. After all, we do rule the world. ;D

  38. WOAH!!! Totally random, we missed this post, but did you happen to see that we feel the same way, and thusly have started up ...

    FOXY Friday??

    Oh my YES, and let me tell you, there is TOTALLY gonna need to be a photo of you my dear, if you'll allow it...

  39. Ladies with mustaches are not high on everyone's list, but after seeing this they'd be tempted to make an exception...

  40. You have a very cute mustache Katie :-)
    Thanks for the smile today !!!!
    Very funny post :-)


  41. Your moustashe is very pretty, Katie.

    I guessed your picture and mom guessed a few of those pictures. You are a pretty asymetrical tuxiegirly and you mom is really pretty girly

    I hope you have a happy and warm week-end.
    I have sun at my house



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